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  • Hi , Thanks for discovering the issue and proactively providing help to other forum users. The issue with WebSockets is already addressed in the Remote Plugin Sample and will be available as part of the next vSphere Client SDK release. Best ...

  • Hi, The following answer is Copilot-based. As a developer, join VMware Code and have a look to Code Samples and PowerCLI Example Scripts | VMware - VMware {code} . On a regular basis there are code sessions announced and you can ask VMware developers. ...

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    Currently , we use rest api from WMware VSphere for our production. I want to get all vm templates by rest-api. But I only find /api/vcenter/vm-template/library-items/{template_library_item}, So here are 2 questions? 1.how to get vm-template list ...

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    PyVim IPv6 Support

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    Does PyVim/PyVmomi support IPv6? If so, what is the minimum version which supports IPv6?