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  • How To Avoid The Automation Fyre Festival

    It’s 2017 and the Fyre Music Festival, promising a perfectly managed user experience, actually delivers an out-of-control consumer disaster. It might seem odd to compare a flawed festival to workload automation, but consider … when automation breaks down, it creates the same sort of issues: decreased customer satisfaction, loss of revenue, compliance violations and contract penalties.

    Broadcom VP and GM of Agile Operations Division, Serge Lucio shares the critical steps to avoid automation complications as well as surprising results from recent industry surveys. Explore this exclusive Forbes Technology Council article.

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  • Hi, Can you please check if you can use 'FindJob' option in Desktop Client like shown below. It should list the agents

  • Do they disappear right away or after some time? There is a feature in the desktop client windows - preferences that will re-subscribe active. Ours is set at 2 hours so it is 2 hours from the time you log in. you may just have to resubscribe with filter ...

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    RE: Best Practice to upgrade the CA Agent Version[Iseries, ...

    Hi, Also you can take a look at Agent management feature - ...

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    RE: Best Practice to upgrade the CA Agent Version[Iseries, ...

    Hi, You can do either and depends on your situation. Run the setup of 12.0 or 12.1 and then you can choose upgrade. HTH, Nitin ...

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    WLA In Azure Cloud

    Hi All Looking for other companies who have moved Workload Automation in Azure using SQL MI for the database. We currently just moved 2 environments into Azure using SQL MI and have been having a few issues and are thinking about a possible rebuild ...

  • I would like to bypass a successor job if a file trigger detects an empty file. I am planning on executing an alert when the file trigger completes. Are there built in variables for alerts that would allow me to check the file size?