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11-10-2016 12:14 AM

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In today's Q&A, we'll guide you through a few CA PPM (Clarity) tasks you've asked about, like how to prevent timesheets from posting to closed projects.


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You may be asking if Agile companies really see significant results. Forrester crunched the numbers and you can read the 2016 data on Agile companies here: 2016 Agile Report, Forrester.


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Q&A Summary


1. Why are hyperlinks misdirecting from Export to Excel links? 


2. What's the best way to add a Conditional Attribute/Field to a Portlet?


3. Troubleshooting a querywhy is this expression failing? 


4. How can we prevent timesheets from posting to closed projects?


5. After moving from template to project, why are our roles names shrunk and appended with a number? 


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found.


We love your input (always).




Why are hyperlinks misdirecting from Export to Excel links?
We have an OD system with Federated SSO. When we export to excel and click on one of the links (i.e. project properties), we get the following page, not the Clarity page we should see.


CA posted the solution in a CA Clarity Tuesday Tip by Ruchika Israni. Read it here:  


CA Clarity Tuesday Tip - Hyperlinks in exported Excel or email notifications are redirecting to the OnDemand Portal when SSO enabled



What's the best way to add a conditional attribute/field to a portlet?
I have a requirement to add a conditional field to a portlet. In this case, I’m going to show 1 of 3 attributes in a single column based on the parameter value that a user passes through their filter selection.
This can be accomplished by combining separate queries (and using UNIONs) but in an attempt to cut down on code, I was wondering if anyone had accomplished this using another method.


The best method is to use the parameter @Where.... @ incorporated into a CASE statement. 



Troubleshooting a query. Why is this expression failing?
The server has encountered an error. Please excuse the inconvenience.
Error Message
Error filling report
Error Message
net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRExpressionEvalException: Error evaluating expression for source text: $P{amountType} == "Hours" && ($F{BASELINE_HOURS} != null || $F{BASELINE_HOURS} != 0 || $F{ACTUAL_HOURS} != null) ? $F{ACTUAL_HOURS}.divide($F{BASELINE_HOURS},2) : $P{amountType} != "Hours" && ($F{BASELINE_COST} != null || $F{BASELINE_COST} != 0 || $F{ACTUAL_COST} != null) ? $F{ACTUAL_COST}.divide($F{BASELINE_COST},2) : 0

I thought at first it may be a null or divide by zero issue, which is why I added all the pre-checks for null and 0. The query runs for a long time, before it fails, so it’s definitely something to do with a value for some row coming back, but not sure what else would kill it.  Thoughts?


It was indeed a divide by 0 issue.  
($F{BASELINE_HOURS} != null || $F{BASELINE_HOURS} != 0 || $F{ACTUAL_HOURS} != null)


Should be:





How can we prevent Invalid Transactions when timesheets post to closed projects? Is there a good method for making sure project time has all been accounted for before closing a project? 
1.    Business Process (requires some disciple on the human side to make it work).
2.    Clarity Process. There are several avenues. 
    o Write or use the Project Close Process Rego has to keep the Project open, and only close it when all timesheets are submitted.
    o Write a process that prevents the submission of a timesheet if there is a closed project on it.
    o If transactions are required, then a process can open the project, run the transactions, and close it again.
3.    Create a report or portlet that shows pending actuals for projects. If they are pending that means they are entered on an unposted timesheet.



We have an issue with role names being changed on template to project.
It is just the roles' requirement name, and it is being stopped at a certain, consistent, amount of characters, and a (1) is appended to it.


Since it is just a name change I am going to run a process that updates the system prteam.requirement_name.


Then I will have it available to run on a per project basis, on the project itself.


Can I update the requirement role directly, or do I have to use xog?  Again, we are only changing the name. I would do a search on the first characters before it gets cut off, then replace with the role name from srm_resources.full_name.


Can I update it directly, or does this for some reason store the name in multiple places?
Answer 1
This is normal functionality that has been in the tool since we stopped allowing over allocation of roles and allowed users to staff the same role multiple times. The numbers are added so you know which ones are assigned to what task on the project.


Answer 2
You’re okay to update the prteam.requirement_name through SQL. This field isn’t stored anywhere else.


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