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Tech Tip: CA Remote Engineer updated for NFA 

06-25-2014 03:56 PM

We have made some updates to the CA Remote Engineer tool scripts for NFA/RA to gather more of the information we used to get from the SupportCIG in older releases.

The SupportCIG is no longer being updated and doesn't gather all of the logs for NFA 9.1.x and newer nor does it work on Linux.

CA Remote Engineer will work with both Linux and Windows and has been updated to gather the new logs and databases associated with NFA, and it still works for RA 9.0 as well.

If you are still on RA 9.0 you can still use the SupportCIG tool, or switch other to the CA Remote Engineer tool.

However for NFA 9.1 and newer we recommend using the new CA Remote Engineer tool.

To download this tool just go to: http://RemoteEngineer.ca.com

Running this and uploading it to your issue will usually greatly help us in Support get to the root cause of your issues faster and provide a quicker more accurate resolution.

Below is a list of some of the new data it will now pick up:

-migrator.log for upgrade issues



- \MySql51\data\hostname.ERR file

-my.ini file to verify MySql configuration

-System and Application Event Logs

-Mysqldump’s of reporter, harvester, data_retention, and poller databases (Excluding some of the larger tables we often do not need)

-Directory listings of \Netflow\Datafiles directories into text files like HarvesterWork.txt, NFMInput.txt, ReaperInput.txt, etc…

-Dumps of key database tables to text files, like RA_routers.txt, HVST_parameter_descriptions.txt, DSA_settings.txt, etc…

-Diaginfo.txt will still hold all of the system information like running services, ipconfig, netstat, etc…

There is a quick video displaying to use this tool as well as other documentation on CA Remote Engineer available at the link below

Also there are some quick steps on how to run this for NFA below if you have not used this before.

There are 2 ways to run the tool on Windows, with a GUI and without.

-To launch the tool using the GUI run ‘RemoteEngineer.cmd’ and wait for the popup window and select ‘NetQos Network Flow Analysis(ReporterAnalyzer)’ from the drop down list and click run.

-To run via command prompt launch the ‘Re.cmd’ on Linux run ‘Re.sh’
Then, enter “NFA” for the product code when prompted.

-You also have the option to enter an issue number and have the tool automatically FTP the zip file to your CA Support issue.

-Otherwise you can manually upload the “*<hostname>nfa1_CA_RE.zip” file created in the directory where you extracted the CA Remote Engineer tool.

Keep in mind it may take a few minutes or longer to complete depending on your environment.


We also just added support for using this tool with Windows 2003 and NFA.

When opening an NFA case with support it would greatly help speed up our Mean Time to Resolution in most cases if this tool was uploaded to the issue when you open the case.




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Please check out our brand new CA Remote Engineer community for Remote Engineer updates and information!




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