Layer 7 Privileged Access Management

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Privileged Access Management [Apr. 6th] 

04-06-2016 03:05 PM

Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Thanks for joining! We'll get started in 2 minutes!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Welcome to Office Hours for CA Privileged Access Management!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Let's get started!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Office Hours are a 1 hour live chat with CA product experts.


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     We invite customers and partners to join and ask any question they might have.


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     So ask away right here in the chat window!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     RT this tweet to invite others to join:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     FYI - The CA Privileged Access Manager support team is up and running and ready to engage in the CA Security Community!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     So, if you or a customer or partner has a question about PAM (formerly XSuite), they can ask it in the CA Security Community and get an answer:


Reatesh Sanghi (CA) :       Hello All


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Hi Reatesh! Thanks for joining!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     You can also post CA PAM enhancement requests as IDEAS to the CA Security Community. Here's a great video on Community Ideas:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     If you're new the the CA Community, makes sure you are FOLLOWING the CA Security Community and The Water Cooler!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     CA Security:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     The Water Cooler:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     And, you can follow me too


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Carlos posted a great #TechTip for CA PIM on Monday. Check it out:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Any questions out there for our product team? We have CA product experts standing by from Product Management, Support, Marketing, Sales, Services and Education!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Latest Knowledge Base Articles published for CA Privileged Identity Manager:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (Mar. 28th - Apr. 3rd )


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Chat Support is now available for CA Privileged Identity Manager! Go to http://ca,com/chat for more info!


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Sorry! that's


Colleen Doyle (CA Edu) : Check out the New! Privileged Access Manager courses from CA Education:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     Here's a great YouTube video to share with customers about the CA Communities:


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     5 best practices for managing & controlling 3rd party risk from @CASecurity general mgr Mordecai Rosen


Kristen Malzone (CA) :     With rise of credential theft, identity & access mgt among most important tools in #CSO toolbox

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