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CCR Storage Reports 

06-27-2016 06:22 AM

These storage reports can be added to your CCR portal.


This pack provides five new reports.  Note dependencies.

  1. LUN Trend (all).  For all LUNs within a group, show the trend of the total GB used. This is a line chart, also shows total and 95% of total
  2. LUN Upgrade history.  This shows when the LUN GB available metric changes
  3. LUN Usage: a summary view of the current utilization, trend, sparkline and headroom within a LUN
  4. LUN trend (individual): available from the drill-down page
  5. Individual LUN upgrade history: available from the drill-down page





  • LUN_USED_SIZE_MB and LUN_TOTAL_SIZE_MB must be stored as entity data (and referenced from Hyp_Entity_Fact_View)
  • Group context sensitive



  • Go to ~CCR/portal/Integration/Data Manager. Copy the XML file there as STORAGE_CORE.xml, renaming the old one. 
  • Go to the SQL subdirectory, copy the SQL file there, renaming the old one.  Execute "mysql < MySQL_STORAGE_CORE.SQL"
  • Ensure that any LUNs are explicitly added into any CCR groups



Reports provided "as is". Can be extended/modified to look at any storage/disk capacity metric in entity_fact.

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01-05-2017 11:23 AM


Most of the SAN reports should work once you have the data loaded. For the report Rob is showing here you need an additional dependency of adding the devices to a 'logical grouping'. This is accomplished by loading a 'generic CSV' file into Data Manager with the appropriate headers and data.  You will need to get the full name of the LUN and use that as the entity_name.

The sample file is located in the install dir under /Samples/Generic/GroupbyCountry.csv

2014-02-01 00:00:00dod-na-flx-p06/vol/flexpod_san_boot_ucs/flexpod_san_boot_ucs09LUNUKNottinghamDataCenter1

01-05-2017 06:56 AM

Kip we are using Vmax storage devices. the data is collected from capman_da probe from UIM. Is there anything we need to do in CCR to see the reports.

10-24-2016 02:20 PM


These reports are using data from CSV files or from the UIM Storage Data Adapter for EMC VMAX and Clarrion.

The data are loaded into standard Data Manager metrics for LUN Capacity.



Source: Metrics Required for the Storage System Reports - CA Capacity Management - 2.9.4 - CA Technologies Documentation 

10-24-2016 08:03 AM

Hi Rob


From which data source where you getting this data from?




09-26-2016 12:44 PM

Hey Pradeep,

What storage devices are you using? Each storage system has a different interface for extracting data. The DM Storage / LUN metric names are listed in the CCC Admin guide.  There are existing Data Adapters that leverage CA UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) to collect data from EMC storage devices. A custom DA could be created if there is a relational DB or CSV files containing the appropriate data that could be accessed by a data adapter.


09-26-2016 08:16 AM


Robert, did you happen to have a custom Storage Data Adaptor which gets the above LUN data into DM so that this CCR queries can work.

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