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Feed CA PM With Aggregated Metrics 

09-01-2017 11:03 AM

This document describes a sample use case to feed aggregated metrics back to CA PM using a custom CAMM device pack. It is also an example for the SNMP/CAMM device correlation capability in CA PM 3.2.

Use Case: Aggregate Metrics

The aggregated bit volume per month should be reported as a growing trend chart and with the option to define a threshold monitor. In particular, bit counters from Interface metric family for a select number of interfaces on a device (all in a group) should be summarized to an aggregate value attached to same device every hour. The aggregated counter value should be reset to 0 at first day/first hour of a month.


Device context page visualizes individual interface metrics (from SNMP) and below the aggregated metric (from CAMM)


  • SNMP monitoring for the device with Interface MF
  • OpenAPI query to retrieve aggregated value at group level from interface metric
  • OpenAPI query to retrieve current aggregated counter
  • Linux bash shell script to run the queries and calculate new aggregated value
  • CAMM custom device pack to collect aggregated value and feed into CA PM


  • CA PM 3.2
  • CAMM 3.2


Please see AggregateMetricsSNMPandCAMM.pdf attached. The script and custom custom device pack is attached in AggregateMetricsScriptAndDP.zip



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