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Tech Tip: What Features are Deprecated as of TDM 4.7? 

04-10-2019 09:59 AM

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Virtual Test Data Management (vTDM)

Support for manually attaching Clones to database is deprecated in CA TDM version 4.3.


CA TDM Test Data On-Demand (TDoD)

The Microsoft Silverlight-based Test Data on Demand (TDoD) user interface is deprecated. The TDoD functionality is now available in an improved interface within the CA TDM Portal. TDoD users can use all the same capabilities by using the Self-Service Catalog interface in the CA TDM Portal. Additionally, no license migration is required; the same TDoD licenses are valid with the CA TDM Portal functionality. For more information about how to use the CA TDM Portal as the location for testers to request data, see Configure Test Data Reservation Service. Existing users can still use the TDoD functionality, but we recommend that you start using the Self-Service Catalog functionality in the CA TDM Portal.


Removed Codemeter from the CA TDM Installer

Codemeter is deprecated from the CA TDM Installer and is no longer available in a fresh installation of CA TDM starting with 4.0. If you are upgrading from an earlier version to CA TDM 4.0 or above, the installer does not remove the previously available Codemeter. You should manually remove Codemeter after the upgrade is complete.


CA TDM Shredder Utility

The CA TDM Shredder utility is deprecated and is no longer available in CA Test Data Manager. The same functionality of preparing test data using non-relational sources—XML, XSD, JSON, WSDL, RR pair—is available in the CA TDM Portal. Moving forward, use the CA TDM Portal for all XML, XSD, JSON, WSDL, and RR pair file registration and data generation needs.


Portus (Message Gateway Server)

CA Test Data Manager previously used Portus (Message Gateway Server) from Ostia for generating XML, JSON, and RR pairs. In the earlier releases of CA TDM, this functionality was replaced with the CA TDM Shredder utility. However, with the deprecation of the CA TDM Shredder utility, this functionality is now available in the CA TDM Portal. Therefore, moving forward, use the CA TDM Portal for all XML, JSON, and RR pair file registration and data generation needs.

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