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What You May Have Missed in the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Community (February 2018) 

03-09-2018 03:44 PM

Upcoming Events

CA UIM Roadmap Session – March 29th 11:00AM ET 

CA UIM Roadmap Session – March 29th 10:00PM ET 


Webcast Replays and Transcripts

[RECAP] CA on CA with UIM - February 20, 2018 

[REPLAY] CA on CA with UIM - February 20, 2018 

[askCA TRANSCRIPT] CA Unified Infrastructure Management – February 22, 2018 


Additional New Videos

New Video | Multi-Tenancy Support for CA Spectrum - CA UIM Integration 

How2 Video | Alarm Filter Usage in CA Spectrum - CA UIM Integration 


New Ideas

CA UIM 8.51 Probe to monitor HP MSA Environment 

logmon: support command feature on iSeries 

UIM: Make MCS profiles more flexible / expandable 

SQLServer Probe: Add Checkpoints 

SNMPCollector to collect same information as discovery scope 

Support for Mongodb version 3.6.2 

AS400 Robot Update 

The controller should be prevented from binding to loopback and APIPA addresses 

UIM IP-less DAG monitoring for MS Exchange  

Cisco_ucs probe support for OS hostname 

Is there any option to change db2 metric (ts_used_pages_pct) to use our (safer) calculation? 

DB2 probe for RHEL 7 OS 

Additional Funtionality Needed for office365 and azure probes 

processes probe still uses ucb package in Solaris 

UIM url_response probe alarm configuration 

add super package / custom probe configuration via admin console  

Multiple Alert OK States 


Open robot in Admin Console via simple USM right click 



Probes released in January, 2018 

elasticsearch_monitor UIM probe 

CA UIM Health Assessment as proactive tool for CA Support 

CA UIM 8.5.1 UIM-Spectrum Integration Guide 


Tech Tips

Tech Tip: UIM Total Alarm Count in the Infrastructure Manager (IM) alarm subconsole is not accurate 

Tech Tip - NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG table growing indefinitely 

Tech Tip - Admin Console GUI opening very slow 

Tech Tip: Logmon Time Formatting Primitives Error:No such file or directory 

Tech Tip: UMP Installation won't complete: ERROR: CRC check failed on 'Package:ump 

CA on CA Tech Tip - Using the UIM API to put devices in maintenance mode 


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