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Tech Tip: CA UIM - Configure the nas to send alarms via email on severity change (only for every first occurrence) 

01-30-2019 09:13 AM

Attached to this article is a script provided by development that will enable you to send every first occurrence of an alarm severity change via email. 
UIM 8.51 - 9.0.2 
NAS 9.06
If you do not have the emailgtw probe configured, please follow the documentation to configure the email gateway: emailgtw (Email Gateway) Release Notes - https://docops.ca.com/ca-unified-infrastructure-management-probes/ga/en/alphabetical-probe-articles/emailgtw-email-gateway/emailgtw-email-gateway-release-notes

1. Attached to this article is a custom script, download the script and place it into the nas directory (Nimsoft\probes\service\nas\scripts). 

NOTE: You will need to update the recipient email address in line 3: 

recipient    = "email_address@broadcom.com" --Recipient's email/profile-name configured in emailgtw

2. Open the NAS GUI -> Auto Operator -> Profiles -> Right click "NEW" to configure a new AO profile: 

Action type = script 
Script = select the script in question (example: sendemailscript). 
Action mode = On message arrival 
Severity Level = select the severities you require (example: MINOR, MAJOR, CRITICAL)

NOTE: You can customise what message you would like to match on, hostname, profbe, message string etc. 

3. Save the profile, apply the changes and the nas probe will restart. 



CA UIM - Configure the nas to send alarms via emai - CA Knowledge  

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