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Choosing the Right Type of Content 

04-22-2014 11:13 AM

There are many different types of content available in the CA Communities and it is important to choose the right content type to promote clarity, collaboration, and to reach the appropriate audience. All content on the CA Communities can be posted in a particular community or group. For product-related content, please be sure to find the appropriate community before posting Community Hack - Find Your Product Community.


The content types available to you on the CA Communities are discussions, documents, blog posts, polls, events, videos, and ideas. Each of these content types has their own set of features and functionality and are best suited for certain types of projects or information. Below is a summary of each content type to help you better decide which type is most appropriate for your purposes.




If you – or a customer – are looking to share information or gather opinions on a topic or a problem (rather than get a specific answer), a “Discussion” should be used.  Discussions are open-ended and are meant to encourage collaboration and engagement. When most people think of online message boards, this is the content they are thinking about.




A “Question” should be used when the author is seeking a specific answer to a question or problem. For questions, the desired outcome is an answer that has been marked as correct either by the original author or by an administrator. Once a question is marked answered, other members of the community can benefit from the shared knowledge. Responses to questions can also be marked “Helpful” if they are valuable, but maybe don’t fully resolve the issue.




“Documents” are similar to discussions, but with a couple important differences and uses within the CA Communities. First, Documents can have multiple authors, allowing for co-authored content and collaboration. In this sense, they can be treated almost like a wiki. While all content on the CA Community can be edited, with Documents, those edits are versioned, keeping a record of them. 


Documents have permissions which can be set to only allow a person or specific people to edit the document.


Documents also have versioning built in, which allows you to access a side-by-side comparison of the different versions of a document, and has the option to restore older versions. To access the versioning feature, simply click on the version number in the top right corner of a document.




The video feature allows users to directly upload a video from their computer, embed from sources like Youtube or Vimeo, or record a video on a webcam, and post directly to a community as its own content type.



Ideation, or ideas, is a content type available in most communities that allows a community member to provide feedback or suggestions for current products represented in that particular community. Once an idea is posted, fellow community members then have the option to comment on the idea as well as vote it up or down to gauge its popularity. Product Management is tasked with reviewing these ideas and determining which will be added to the product roadmap. Not all submitted ideas are guaranteed to be implemented. If you are a community leader who is interested in activating ideas for your community, please contact your community manager for more information.


Please note that the following content types are permission specific by the community and can only be posted by users with certain permission levels. If you need to post a blog post, poll, or event in a specific community, please reach out to your community manager.


Blog Posts

Similar to documents, a blog post is intended to convey official or important information to the CA Communities userbase. Unlike documents, a blog post is more conducive to opinion or thought leadership pieces. A good example of a blog post would be a summary of how a project went with a client or customer.



Polls are quick surveys that allow users to vote for 1 option that they prefer or mostly agree with.  The strength of polls is their ability to help make important decisions by simplifying the response to a choice. Once the votes for a poll are in, the author of the poll can then see what decision needs to be made without having to sift through various comment responses.



Events are used to create events in a community that members can then RSVP to. All events that you have created or RSVP'd to will automatically be aggregated onto your personal calendar, which can be found in your personal profile.


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