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01-31-2012 07:53 AM

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How to capture large configs

If you have large config files you'd like to capture, there is often an errormessage saying "Unable to connect to the ncmservice. The ncmservice daemon may not
be running on the SPECTRUM host machine.”


To get arround this you will have to enlarge the memory for this process:
In the processd part for NCMSERV (in $SPECROOT/lib/SDPM/partslist), add a "-Xmx<nowiki><RAM></nowiki>" right after the ncmservice executable, replacing RAM with
the RAM size you want.

How to stop a hung task to start a new one

This may be necessary for 8.1-users pre-SP2, as this Service Pack might remedy the situation that is the following:

  • You have scheduled a Global Sync Task in NCM that deals with a reasonable number of devices.
  • You can watch NCM doing its work and see devices move from "remaining" to "failed" or (hopefully) "succeeded".
  • After some time, nothing seems to happen, although your task is still in a "Running" state according to OneClick.
  • You might even see some running and startup configuration files in your configured tftp directory.


This is an indication for a "hung" NCM task that is inoperable. You will not be able to schedule another task until the following is done:

  1. Stop and restart your ncmservice. The old school does it the cmdC/launchinstdbapp way:
    1. become root
    2. execute $SPECROOT/bin/cmdC hostname 2 NCMSERV
    3. become your spectrum user
    4. execute $SPECROOT/bin/launchinstdbapp hostname NCMSERV y $SPECROOT/NCM/NCMSERV.OUT
      replace "hostname" with your primary SS's hostname value.
  2. Set the task's state attribute to "inactive"
    Easiest done with CLI, you would need your Global Sync Task model handle.
    1. become your spectrum user
    2. navigate to $SPECROOT/vnmsh
    3. execute connect
    4. execute update mh=`show models|grep -i "global sync task"|awk '{print $1}'` attr=0x820042,val=0
    5. execute disconnect
      You can also do it with OneClick's attribute editor, add a User definded attribute to the list (browse "Other" model types for "NCM_Global_Sync_Task" and select the "NCM_Task_State" attribute), while editing, there is a drop down list with "Stopping", "Running" and "Inactive".
  3. Re-schedule your task.
    You will notice that the models you see in the Global Sync Task's "Remaining devices" list cannot be processed manually, i.e. a configuration fetch via the device's information view results in an NCM pending process error. This is somethng even CA seems to be unsure about; restarting your SpectroSERVER usually helps. I strongly advise everyone to either upgrade to SP2 or not to use the Global Sync Task!

Thanks to Christian Fieres who brought this to our attention

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