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What you may have missed in the CA Service Management Community! July 2018 

08-17-2018 05:39 PM


Dear CA Service Management Community Member,


With so much going on in the Service Management Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.






Roadmap Sessions

We heard you ask for more information about where your CA product investment is going. Attending a Product Roadmap session is an opportunity for you to get a clear view of what’s coming down the road, including details on upcoming product functionality, features and architectural enhancements.

Presented by the CA ITSM Product Management Team

Register HERE:  Product Roadmaps & Feedback Sessions - CA Technologies  

[ROADMAP] CA ITSM - August 21, 2018 @11 a.m. ET 

[ROADMAP] CA ITSM - September 05, 2018 @10 a.m. ET 



[COMMUNITY WEBCAST] An AI-based Virtual Agent for CA Service Management – August 30, 2018 @11 a.m. ET

An AI-based Virtual Agent for CA Service Management


Things are moving fast in the Artificial Intelligence world. Advances in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning have opened new channels of interaction between ourselves, each other and the technical world we live in. In the ITSM realm, these advances create an opportunity to reconsider how to most effectively deliver a superior support experience in a manner that fits our constituents’ individual communication styles, channels and preferences. In this session, Dale Clark, formerly of CA Service Management Product Management, will present a Virtual Agent platform called Luma, developed by CA partner Serviceaide, that is targeted to the specific needs of today’s Service Management organizations. The first stage of this new capability includes an AI-based Virtual Agent technology that ties into CA Service Management and CA Service Desk Manager implementations. Attend this Community webcast to learn about the challenges with current support and self-service approaches and to see how a Virtual Agent platform can change the way you can deliver a great support experience.


RSVP and Add to Your Calendar HERE: [COMMUNITY WEBCAST] An AI-based Virtual Agent for CA Service Management – August 30, 2018 @11 a.m. ET 






CA ITSM - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (August 17 - August 24) 

It's great that we have such a vibrant community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community is to respond to every members' question so that no one goes away "empty handed". To help further responses to all questions I am starting the following campaign.

Shoutout to all the members who helped out with the unanswered questions so far! Thank you for all your help!





CA World '18 Registration Now Open! 

[askCA TRANSCRIPT] CA Service Management – August 9, 2018 

CA SAM Master Catalog 5.4.5 Available 

CA SAM Master Catalog 5.4.9 Available 





Allow SDM With SQL mdb To Be Configured With Windows Authentication 

Allow to Link inactive tickets as Child while EDIT_INACTIVE=NO 

Rebuild of CMDB Visualizer on modern technology like HTML5 

Add support for the recent version of Tomcat 9.x and JRE 10.x 

Date Helper does not auto set the current Hour, Minute 

Ability to sort the result set of doSelect & doQuery SOAP webservice methods 

Service Desk Mobile Enhancements 

Property change, Log Behaviour CA SDM 

CA SAM - Improve History Cleanup 

xFlow for Level II analysts 



That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get in on the CA Service Management  discussions and make your voice heard!




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