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CA SDM Loading Organization pdm_load 

03-05-2016 07:26 PM

The first thing what you need know: VERY Important! Using pdm_load can be destructive so always back up your database before you perform a pdm_load, and use pdm_userload unless instructed to use pdm_load.


Important! Make a backup copy of the database before running pdm_load with this option. After old database records are removed, you must restore the CA SDM database with this backup copy if you want to recover any deleted records, use pdm_extract for this procedure.




pdm_extract ca_organization > ca_organization.txt



2. Structure table


bop_sinfo -dq org

Factory org < ca_organization, usp_organization >


   id <organization_uuid> UUID UNIQUE

   producer_id          LOCAL STRING(20)

   persistent_id        LOCAL STRING(60)

   last_mod_by last_update_user STRING(64)

   last_mod_dt last_update_date DATE

   version_number       INTEGER

   creation_user        STRING(64)

   creation_date        DATE

   exclude_registration INTEGER

   delete_time          DATE

   name org_name        STRING(100) REQUIRED

   delete_flag inactive SREL -> actbool.enum REQUIRED

   contact contact_uuid SREL -> SERVICE_PROVIDER_ELIGIBLE

   company company_uuid SREL ->

   description          STRING(255)

   org_num abbreviation STRING(30)

   phone_number pri_phone_number STRING(32)

   fax_phone fax_number STRING(32)

   alt_phone alt_phone_number STRING(32)

   email_addr email_address STRING(120)

   pemail_addr pager_email_address STRING(120)

   location location_uuid SREL ->

   billing_code cost_center SREL ->

   comment <comments>   STRING(255)

   oenv                 BREL <- (LREL nr) {org = ?}

   all_creq             QREL <- cr {customer.organization = ? AND active = 1 AND



customer.organization IS NOT NULL}

   all_chg              QREL <- chg {requestor.organization = ? AND active = 1 A


requestor.organization IS NOT NULL}

   all_iss              QREL <- iss {requestor.organization = ? AND active = 1 A


requestor.organization IS NOT NULL}

   all_open_creq        QREL <- cr {customer.organization = ? AND active = 1 AND



customer.organization IS NOT NULL}

   my_****              BREL <- cnt.organization {organization = ?}

   audit_userid         LOCAL SREL -> TENANCY_UNRESTRICTED

   tenant               SREL ->

   service_type iorg_service_type SREL -> no_contract_sdsc.code

   owning_contract      SREL -> SERVICE_PROVIDER_ELIGIBLE

   linked_id_usp_organization id<organization_uuid> UUID UNIQUE





Structure load: pdm_extract ca_organization

TABLE ca_organization

        abbreviation alt_phone_cc alt_phone_number comment company_uuid contact_uuid         cost_center creation_date creation_user delete_time description email_address

        exclude_registration fax_cc fax_number id inactive last_update_date last_update_user        location_uuid org_name pager_email_address parent_org_uuid pri_phone_cc

        pri_phone_number tenant version_number


3. Example


loading_cnt.txt - Content

TABLE ca_organization

org_name  inactive



1. Create loading_org.txt file
2. pdm_load -i  -f carga_org.txt


3. Check your load, using -v parameter and also looking for organization on CA Service Desk
Using the contact created, it´s possible load the secondary table usp_organization, for task it´s necessary to use pdm_deref command.



DEREF - pdm_deref - Everthing do you need know



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03-08-2016 09:26 AM

Hi jmayer,


  Thank You for your comments, using it i left here the way to do: CA Service Desk WebService



03-07-2016 03:55 PM

Either if provided by CA I don't recommend using pdm_load as this bypass your object layer, you preferably build bulk upload of object using a web services where data integrity will be checked against the object layer.

Sometime you don't have a choice and the method presented here will do but must I consider last alternative.

my 2 cents opinion.


03-07-2016 03:19 PM

Thanks for sharing this with the community Tiago!

CA SDM Loading Organization pdm_load

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