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What you may have missed (August 2016) 

09-01-2016 03:17 PM

Community, have a look at this to get all caught up on community happenings for the month of August 2016.   This is a summary of announcements, tech tips, new ideas created, upcoming events and event replays.



Update: CA Application Delivery Analysis Virtual Multi-Port Monitor 3rd Party Hardware Program Expansion 

Service Pack 2 now available for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.4 

CA Spectrum 9.4.4 is now GA released and available for download 

General Availability (GA) Announcement CA Unified Communications Monitor Release 4.3 



Spectrum 9.4.3 Patch List 

DocOps: Custom PDFs and EPUBs 

July 2016 CPU kits for CA eHealth's ORACLE database available at CA Support Online 

CA Spectrum Business Value Estimations 

CA Virtual Network Assurance Business Value Estimations 

A Must Read! SDxCentral Report on Network Performance Management Strategies for Cloud and SDN 

NEW BLOG: Stay on offense with a proactive network performance management strategy 

Community Member Spotlight - August 2016 



September 8, 2016  [WEBCAST]:  Spectrum-UIM Integration 

September 14, 2016 Operationalizing your Virtual Network – Getting to the Next Level with SDN/NFV Management 

September 15, 2016 [WEBCAST] SOI CONCEPTS with LIVE DEMO 

September 28 and 29 CA Infrastructure Management User Group Meeting D-A-CH - 28. and 29. September 2016 


EVENTS you might have missed

Webcast Recap: Your Input Needed on New UIM for Cloud Dashboards for AWS, Nutanix, and Docker 

August 2016 Webcast: Your Input Needed on New UIM for Cloud Dashboards for AWS, Nutanix, and Docker  

CA Unified Infrastructure Management - AP Office Hours Transcript, August 17th, 2016,  3.00PM - 4.00PM (AEST) Sydney Time 

CA Performance Management 3.0 Sprint 3 Review 

CA Spectrum REST API Office Hours Transcript - August 2016 



CA Unified Infrastructure Management Upgrade Content

CA Performance Management Upgrade Content

CA Spectrum Upgrade Content


CA WORLD INFO / Follow the CA World Community -->  CA World '16

The CA World '16 Session Catalog is Now Live! 

Register for CA World '16 | November 14 – 18, 2016
We're not offering 50% more pre-conference education -- it's 100% more!

[NOTICE] New to CA World: The CA Accelerator Zone 



thank you for all the tech tips!  but special thanks this month to DavidM for authoring many new tech tips for UIM

Tech Tip: New UMP users get the message "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet" on every portlet 

Tech Tip: UIM Robot installation fails on HP-UX 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to monitor an Oracle PDB database. 

Tech Tip: UIM - A probe license fails to show the Expiration Date 

Tech Tip: Compiling & Installing Perl Modules on Linux 

Tech Tip: UIM - Is it possible to update the OpenSSL used by the hub and robot?  

Tech Tip: Cannot open the webpage for the Performance Mangement OpenAPI QueryBuilder in Internet Explorer 

CA on CA Tech Tip - cdm >= 5.70 and random reboots 

Tech Tip: How are Jaspersoft (CABI 6.1) users synched over from Spectrum to Jaspersoft and how can I login as one of these users? 

Tech Tip: When using JasperSoft (CABI 6.1) to run a “Top-N” style report, the results are duplicated. 

Tech Tip: Two emails are created when user creates new Reports and adds Report Schedule in an Active Passive environment 

TECH TIP: hs_err_pid files created in WASP directory, slowly filling drive 

Tech tip: Upgrading cdm probe to version 5.70 or later may cause a server reboot. 

Tech tip: nas probe in red status and not starting 

CA on CA Tech Tip - Enabling CA App eXperience Analytics for CA Unified Infrastructure Management Portal 

New KB Article! Baseline Engine and Prediction Engine probes won't start when using "SSL ONLY" mode in a HUB 

Spec KB: What support is there for installing and running Spectrum on non Redhat Linux systems such as SUSE or CentOS? 


New Videos

PLAYLIST: CA Performance Management 2.8 "How To" Video Series 

CA Performance Management - SDN/NFV Virtual Storage Usage Dashboards 

CA Performance Management - SDN/NFV Physical Server Usage Dashboards 



CA Spectrum Ideas Update - August 2016   <-- thank you jaina01



Scheduling processes by systemedge 

Security Issue: SystemEdge installs JRE world writable 

Sysedge support on Oracle Linux 7.0,6.x,5 


CA Spectrum

Adding WLC Monitoring for Non Cisco devices 

Certify logrhythm Sys Log Server Traps 

Spectrum OneClick SSH Timeout 

Let Spectrum manage devices by SNMP only (disable Ping necessity) 

Additional Alarm Levels for Spectrum 

Spectrum NCM GUI 

Prevent unfinished modeloutages in the SRMDB 

Spectrum NCM Capture/Load Config 

Spectrum NCM configuration comparison mask improvement 

NCM Policy Repair Action 

Clear the SSH known_hosts file automatically 



Provide sample UIM Dashboards 

Export to .csv feature in audit probe 

Add the Ability to Edit the "Custom" Column Names in USM Portlet. 

UIM - dasboard designer - graphs. 

Self-adaptive dashboard 

How can I select a USM group as alarm filter in dasbhoard designer? 

-     Support UIM database connections to SQL Server 2014 with TLS 1.2 

Ability to configure interfaces in maintenance mode 

SQL server checkpoint for scheduled jobs 

USM direct display for systems in multiple groups 

Check all configured QOS data is correctly updated in the UIM database 

Provide additional filters for USM group visibility 

Make the Support Compatibility Matrix available in .csv format 

More information into Clariion probe error messages 

Prioritize new ticket creation over updates and close in Service Desk gateway probes 

Ability to acknowledge Alarms through email 

Disk latency in CDM probe 

JDBC Connection to Sybase Database on UIM Dashboards  

UIM: Expand group filtering options for Interfaces 

webservicemon probe - statefull web services 

UIM Maintenance - Probe Time Specification 

UMP - storing media gallery in DB 

SQL Server Always On Multi-site Asynchronous Replication should be recognized as normal by the sqlserver probe 

SQL Server Always On Listener Monitoring should take the location of the primary into account 

UIM web logon legal disclaimer 

UIM - Add more details on probe gathering methods 

Functionality from Alarm Console 

Admin Console Regex tester with Log tailing 



Creating separate alarm when severity changes 



Limit NFA custom reports to not allow all interfaces 

NFA Auto vs Full Scale Interface Reports 

NFA Alerts for over threshold for number of minutes. 


CA Performance Management

Ability to save column sort order in a CA PC Report Template 

Would like to add in more than 15 groups to IM On-Demand table 

CAPC search to return menus and dashboards 

Exclude low usage from 'deviations from normal' 

CAPC history 

Support of Symbol Technologies Wireless controllers models RFS6000 and RFS7000 

improve CAPC Dashboards Webservice export and import 

Increase Maximum Number of Rows in On-Demand Reports 

Planned maintenance reporting for Performance Center 

Discovery Profile with SNMP Set 

Additional role rights for ADA in PM 


Read the last edition --> What you may have missed (June/July 2016) 

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