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Maintenance mode via nimalarm (version 2.91) 

08-14-2017 04:44 AM


- Recently a client had a request to have the possibility to set a server/device in maintenance via a simple "nimalarm" message. (he used to do the same in NSM with a cawto command)

- A second requirement was that in the message he would set the servername and the # of seconds that the device needed to stay in maintenance.

The agreed alarm format was: nimalarm -l 1 "maint_on servername #seconds"


The solution exist in a new custom probe, that need to be installed only on the main UIM hub: probe_maint_on.

A Nas AO profile will trap all alarms starting with "maint_on" an repost them with subject: "maint"

This probe will connect to a user defined attach queue: maint.

For each message we will create a new maintenance calendar and define the server into this calendar. When the definitions ends ok the original maint_on alarm is cleared.

The attached zip contains:

- probe_maint_on.zip version 2.5

- doc file

- sql examples how to delete empty and expired maintenance calendars


What's new in 2.9:

- you can now remove a server from maintenance by setting the #seconds to 0

- several extra checks to avoid creating empty calendars

- extra checks if sql login is ok

- if a server has multiple cs_id's, we will use them all

- probe is now installed in /probes/custom/probe_maint_on

(the attached zip 2.9 contains also a file: probe_maint_2.9.zip; this is the package to be added in your archive)

Tested with UIM version 9.0.2 on Windows

What's new in 2.91:

- tested with UIM 9.1

- reviewed the doc and install archive package to be as simple/clear as possible. The zip file posted is also the zip file to place in uim archive

- added some extra parameter tests 

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05-07-2019 05:44 AM

Hi Rui, Diogo,

Did you manage to get it working?

Else you can send me the probe, when started from command line, log file to help you debugging

Regards, Luc

10-18-2018 07:10 AM

Hi Diogo,

This probe runs with several clients without problems.  It's possible that the doc I wrote is not clear enough in the steps to follow to activate/customize the probe.

See previous update to start the probe manually to run it in debug mode.

Thanks, Luc

10-18-2018 07:02 AM

Hi Rui,


We also couldn’t put this work.


We receive the messages on UIM alarm console, but nothing happens…


We think that is a script problem.



If we can put this working we’ll let you know, and if you got any solution, please let me know too ok?



Thank you!


Best regards,

Diogo Marracho

10-18-2018 06:31 AM

Hi Rui,

If you open a cmd prompt and change to the /probes/custom/probe_maint_on directory and start the Perl manually.

What is he saying? (when started manually it runs automatically in debug mode)

(you can mail the output to luc.christiaens10@telenet.be and also a copy of your cfg file)

Regards, luc

10-18-2018 06:23 AM



Did someone have make this work?

I have implemented the probe done by Luc but I am always getting error 500 internal error.

I am using webservices_rest 8.51 together with UIM 8.51.


Thanks in advance,



Rui Dinis 

09-01-2018 03:49 AM

Hi Diogo,

It's the last line in the post that's important: "the attached zip 2.9 contains also a file: probe_maint_2.9.zip; this is the package to be added in your archive"

- unzip the downloaded file

- look in the unzipped doc file for installation instructions

- add the file: probe_maint_on_2.9.zip into your archive

- deploy it to your robot

- go to "nimsoft/probes/custom/probe_maint_on/nimsoft_generic.dat" and customize this file with all your local settings (see doc)

- start the probe

(in case the probe fails to start, try to start the probe via the command line from the directory: nimsoft/probes/custom/probe_maint_on, it will come with more information messages)

Good luck, Luc

08-31-2018 11:43 AM

Hello @Luc Christiaens Chrlu03!

I need a probe to put robots in maintenance mode from the servers. Can this probe do that?

I already downloaded the probe_maint_on_version_2.9.zip, but when I deploy it to my main UIM hub, the probe never start...
Is there anything I need to do, so the probe start working?


Thank you very much!

Diogo Marracho.

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