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What's changed in the APM Community 

05-04-2016 07:20 PM

Hi Community Members!  The APM Community has a new look and feel and is the very first CA Product Community to get the updated look.  Watch the 2 minute Video


What you will likely notice right away is that we have more tabs at the top which are called pages.  The addition of more pages will allow us to better organize content in the community and in return you will hopefully find what you need much faster!


So, let's start from the top.   If you head on over to the first page, the Overview Page you will see we still have a left and right sidebar with all the stuff you are used to seeing like upcoming events, newest ideas, links to other places and webcast replays, featured videos etc. but  you might be wondering... where did the Activity Feed go that used to be in the middle of the page?   It's OK, do not panic   it's on the brand new Activity Page.  


Here is a better explanation of each of the pages and what you can do and find on each of them:


This is the main landing page and is designed for new visitors.  It is also great for a quick snapshot on things that are 'new' (new ideas, new events, featured videos).  

Need Help?We recognize that many people visit the community because they need help.  Therefore, this page will provide you with handy links and information to educational materials, KB articles, Tech Tips and answered questions. You will also now have a way to quickly tap into other channels for support such as 'CA Chat'.
UpgradeThis page is a great resource designed to help you stay current on the latest software release, making the very most of your CA investment.  On this page you will find all sorts of reading collateral that will explain the benefits to upgrade, how to upgrade and even will point you to handy videos. 
ActivityThe Activity feed that used to be on the main overview page is now here, in it's own space.   On the right sidebar you might recognize our CA Champions who are our most active in the community and well ... (hint) we suggest you follow those people. 

No change to this page other than it is now a few tabs to the right of the Overview Page.  You can still organize and search for content by content type (blog, document, idea), by tag, or by product.


This page represents all the people following this community.

Subspaces and ProjectsThis page will take you to APM related Communities like APM Developer.

The Calendar page will give you a month by month view of what's happening in the community.


The Events page is a dedicated page meant to showcase all past, current and upcoming events with links so you can get registered super fast!


Our power users may choose to skip many of these pages and may still want to use their custom streams which is fine!   Want to learn more about how to set up custom activity streams? 

Read this: Creating Custom Streams or watch this video: How to Create a Custom Stream 


Here's more reading:  News and Streams.  Then, this doc will walk you through the process of adding a tag to a custom stream: Following a Tag.


Need More Help?  contact me MelissaPotvin

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