Layer 7 API Management

Latest API Developer Portal Cumulative Releases (CRs) 

06-22-2016 12:54 PM

Installing Platform Updates

Please refer to the appropriate product documentation to view the instructions for the CR installation. Choose the API Developer Portal in the product drop-down menu and be sure to pick your version of API Portal in the upper-right-hand side of the page that loads after that selection. You should find the instructions for the CR in the navigation menu on the right.


Cumulative Releases (CRs)

This is a list of the CRs available for the API Developer Portal.


Why is this Document being Published?

As a result of the migration from the defunct Layer 7 Support Portal to the CA Support Online (CSO) system, the download workflow changed for the products. At this time, we have the product baseline images in CSO, but not the Cumulative Releases as we are working through some workflow concerns. This document exists temporarily to fill the gap until all the Cumulative Releases of API Developer Portal exist in the CSO system.

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