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CA on CA Tech Tip - Enabling CA App eXperience Analytics for CA Unified Infrastructure Management Portal 

08-22-2016 12:33 PM

Hi Infrastructure Management Community,

This is a quick technical tip on how to enable CA App eXperience Analytics (AXA) for CA UIM (UMP) without turning your world upside down. While the Control Panel of UMP allows you to add JavaScript the CA AXA snippet must be in the html header of all user relevant pages of UIM.

I am not a Liferay expert the method I describe below worked for us other methods might work better for you.

You will need the following

  • The snippet from (AXA)
  • Write access to the wasp folder tree on the UMP host
  • Permission to take an outage on the UMP
  • Access to restart the wasp probe

Follow the instructions below to modify the UIM themes that you use for your dashboards

  1. Login to the Unified Management Portal (UMP) server
  2. Navigate to the wasp probe webapps folder typically X:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps
  3. The out of box themes provided by CA are in the folders ump-theme and ump-read-only-theme
  4. Open the ump-theme\templates\portal_normal.vm file for editing
  5. Locate the <head> </head> tags and insert the AXA snippet in that html section
  6. Save and close the file
  7. Repeat the above for the ump-read-only-theme\templates\portal_normal.vm file and any other themes you have created
  8. Deactivate then activate the wasp probe to restart the UMP (if you find a way to do this without a restart please let me know).



Disclaimer: I work for CA Technologies in the IT department in the Tools and Automation Group. However, neither can I share any insight into product futures (typically I learn of product changes when you do) nor can make the product management or development team change the product.

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