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Workstation - Support for Emojis - Configuration Steps to Render Emojis and Things to take care with IBM MQ PUT and GET step 

03-07-2019 02:09 AM

Version: 10.4

Emojis are quite a rage with the proliferation of mobile devices. Its all but natural to expect our customers have such a need to use these characters in our product. When the TOP BANK of Australia came up with such a requirement, its no surprise. 

Our customer's need is to PUT and GET text in an IBM MQ that has a mix of Alphabets and Emojis. Something like this:

What a sunny day it is   

Emojis are legitimate characters and part of the Unicode spec. For the complete list of Emojis in Unicode, refer to:

Here are the steps to follow in order to meet this requirement in Workstation:

  1. First things first, the default JRE shipped with Devtest; JRE 8u102 (1.8.0_102-b14) doesn't support rendering of Emojis. Emojis are rendered as square boxes ( )
  2. Steps to support Emojis in workstation
    1. Download an install JDK 8u201 from
    2. Stop all the Devtest Services
    3. Rename the folder  %LISA_HOME%\jre as %LISA_HOME%\jre_default
    4. Add a system environment variable LISA_JAVA_HOME and let it point to the new JDK that has been installed Eg: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_201\jre  
    5. Start all the services
    6. Launch workstation; if you are shown an error stating that tools.jar need to be selected, then simply point to tools.jar from the 8u201 JDK location; C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_201\lib\tools.jar
    7. Launch any of the existing test case and paste Emoji characters and observe that workstation is able to render these characters well

  3. PUT and GET operations of IBM MQ Native Send Receive step using Emojis
    1. Some amount of care need to be exercised when you attempt to put a text message in a Queue that also contains some Emojis
    2. Make sure you use Override character set attribute with value 1208 (UTF-8) so that the unicode Emojis are put in the queue and read from the queue without any information loss

      REQUEST & RESPOSE (PUT and GET Steps with Emojis)

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