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CA API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [NOV-DEC 2016] 

01-04-2017 11:48 AM

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News & Announcements

Importance of API Security 

General Availability Announcement for CA API Gateway 9.2 

General Availability Announcement for CA Mobile API Gateway 3.3 


Open Questions

Modifying/Transport API keys 

Como mudar a cor do botão de azul para vermelho 

OTK : How to secure API? 

OTK - How to implement Required OTK 2.0 fragment? 

MySQL connects to gateway database 

Certificate Expiry date 


Helpful Docs & Blogs

Thinking in Policy 

Tech Tip - Knowledge Docs (October 2016) 

CA API Management OAuth Toolkit - Home 

OAuth and PKCE (RFC 7636) 

CA API Management Implementation Services 

Tech Tips - Knowledge Docs (November 2016) 

Mobile API Gateway Version Support 

The definitive guide to the Store and Lookup Cache assertions 

How to diagnose and troubleshoot Gateway performance problems 



Gateway Migration Utility Overview ( GMU ) 

CA API Management: Mobile App Development – Mobile App Services 

Inspire your Enterprise & Become a Digital Change Agent through Agile Architectures and API Success 


New Ideas

Return template response improvement 

Log Sink - Provide Functionality to Exclude log events based on some type of filter/criteria 

Provide fine grain control in creating patches 

Simplify OAUTH implementation 

Dependency usage on the gateway 

Math operations on context variables 

Making API Portal+OTK & OAuth Manager both working  

Symmetric Key Encryption Assertion requirement (PKCS#7 with AES/CBC). 

Hide pages from registered users, show to anonymous users only 

TLSv1.0 should read as TLSv1.0 and not TLSv1 in regards to ${request.ssl.protocol} context variable 

Need the ability to move services to different folders using Restman service 

Need the ability within the API Portal to publish a service to a particular folder 

Communication with orgAdmin and apiOwner 

Can we have adapter/connector available to publish message directly from CA API Gateway to Amazon Kinesis? 

Allow context variables in the Websockets URL 

timestamp precision for username security token in soap envelope 

Validate Against Swagger Document: Check headers, parameters, content-type and payload 

Expose Password Policy via Restman 

Ability to specify log location on filesystem 

Allow for LDAP writes from the API Gateway 

Allow longer then 128 characters for user name and owner_name 

Baseline Performance Document 

Ability to manage and delete backup images created from 

add real loadbalancing features 

Enable integration between CA API Gateway and AWS Lambda 

API Portal Integration with Solaris Gateway 

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