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CCC Installation script for Oracle 12c 

07-10-2015 11:22 AM

This is based on previous post https://communities.ca.com/docs/DOC-231154885

updated for Oracle 12c.


Note: you may need to adjust this script slightly to account for container database/ common user.  However this works on a standalone system

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09-10-2015 12:01 PM

OK, so I got confirmation that we will have our own instance of Oracle 12c so no need to worry about CDB / PDB.  We can create a 'regular' non-CDB, and everything should just work, right?!


Still interested in answers to the above though...

09-10-2015 11:21 AM

I just compared this script to previous versions I have used for 11g.


The two differences I noted are setting the hidden parameter '_ORACLE_SCRIPT' and the fact that it is then creating a common user with the 'C##' prefix.  Reading around on the web, one of the primary uses of '_ORACLE_SCRIPT' is to avoid the need for common users to have to have the 'C##' prefix, so I'm a little bit confused as to what setting that parameter is doing.


Is this creating a common user and a schema within the Container Database (does that even make sense)?  How about if PDBs are required to be used?  Is there any effect on the connection string format required for CCC / DM / CCR to connect?


Thanks for the further details.

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