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Technical Tip:  Older modelavailbucket files are seen in the SPECTRUM\mysql 

02-06-2015 04:45 AM

Technical Tip: Older modelavailbucket files are seen in the SPECTRUM\mysql\data\reporting folder of SRM


CA Spectrum Tech Tip by Glenn Shoemake, Principal Support Engineer


Description: Customer may notice a large amount of modelavailbucket files that are present in a physical listing of the Reporting database.


Solution: For unprocessed modelavailbucket files we have a work around to disable the SRM Archival Process until all bucket files are processed.
The Archival Process can be disabled by setting the “Data Retention Policy” value to “all data” in the OneClick Admininstration page, Administration tab, Report Manager, Preferences page. A restart of the tomcat service is required to initiate the bucket file processing.
Once all modelavailbucket files have been processed you can re-enable the “Data Retention Policy” to its former setting.

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