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What you may have missed (September 2016) 

10-05-2016 02:28 PM

Community,  Holy smokes, please take notice.  If you scroll down on this page you will see all the new Tech Tips being published (many of which are for CA UIM).  Ask and you shall receive! 
The question is... are they covering on topics you feel are helpful ???  You can show us the Tech Tip actually helped you out by marking a document as helpful.  You will see something that looks like the screenshot below. Just go ahead and mark each tech tip as helpful if you feel it actually was.

More Good News... You can expect to see many new blogs publishing to our community. 

For the month of September would like to thank CA Product Marketer Umair.Khan and then from CA UIM Product Management would like to thank Michael Morris

Next Generation IT Infrastructure Management Challenges 

Nutanix Monitoring With CA Unified Infrastructure Management. 


*NEW* Upgrade Asset

Top 5 Reasons to upgrade to CA UIM 8.4 

More "How to Upgrade" literature is published here --> Upgrade Content [Rollup] 


Webcast Replays

September 2016 Webcast: Learn More about Spectrum - UIM Integration 

September 2016 Webcast: Operationalizing your Virtual Network: Getting to the Next Level with SDN/NFV Management 

September 2016: CA World '16 and Agile Operations 


Lots of ways to Participate!

Participate in CIO magazine’s 16th annual “State of the CIO” survey! 

Please Participate: CA Performance Management Survey 

Get reviewing! Another review on IT Central Station 

"Share a Challenge" Contest 


New Video

How To Install The Data Repository for CA Performance Management 


Noteworthy & Announcements

Important & Urgent Reminder: Java Certificate Expiry 

CA Spectrum 10.1.2 is now GA !  

Announcing General Availability for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.47 

CA Spectrum Ideas Update - September 2016 

CA Unified Infrastructure Management: July-August 2016 Product Release Update 

CA Unified Infrastructure Management: May-June 2016 Product Release Update




TECH TIP: Why is Admin Console not showing my full archive? 

Tech Tip: UIM - casdgtw probe installed on a remote hub is not synchronizing / not creating tickets in CASD 

Tech Tip: UIM - data_engine database connections and thread_count_insert setting 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to use the secedit utility to recover a corrupted security.cfg file or add missing sections to the security.cfg file 

Tech Tip: UIM - e2e performance and scalability 

Tech Tip: UIM - UMP (USM) Slow Performance Guide and Troubleshooting Checklist (updated) 

Tech Tip: UIM - What is the required user access and user permissions for the hyperv probe? 

Tech Tip: UIM - USM error: com.firehunter.ump.exceptions.DataFactoryException : null 

Tech Tip: UIM - oracle probe - possible memory leak - probe consumes 100 MB/hr without release 

Tech Tip: UIM - cdm probe alarms due to high cpu usage caused by mcafee scan 

Tech Tip : NAS will not write UIM alarm into database after upgrade. 

Tech Tip: How to uninstall UMP in Linux? 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to use the UIM API 

Tech Tip: Why my data_engine won't start after a cluster failover 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to configure the cisco_ucm probe for Call Data Report (CDR) monitoring 

Tech Tip: Checksum verification of UIM Installer Package 

Tech Tip: Cannot login to 2nd hub server however they are able to login the primary hub 

Tech Tip: Can the individual functions in the Spectrum Event Configuration Editor (ECEditor) be privileged? 

Tech tip: Devices not being imported after using the "seedfile.json" file 

TECH TIP: Why won't my TopN report load? 

Tech Tip - Modification of templates are not applied in snmpcollector. 

Tech Tip: UMP load balancer fails in UMP 8.4 

TECH TIP: data_engine won't start - "Class not registered" error 


CA Spectrum

Tech Tip: How are changes propagated to Fault Tolerant SpectroSERVERs when Event changes are made on the Primary?

Tech Tip: How to disable LDAP integration with Spectrum OneClick

Tech Tip: Outage Reports Error - " No Records Found" - Addressed via PTF Spectrum_10.01.01.PTF_10.1.130 for Spectrum 10.…

Tech Tip: How to initialize the Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) database. 

Spec KB: In AlarmNotifier we would like for the Probable Cause field to display what is being shown in the alarm title. 

Spec KB: CreateProcess error=206 during CABI 6.1 JasperSoft installation

Spec KB: The viewer could not process an event. Error in File Current Ports Detail: Group: Max processing time or Max records limit reached ---Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119] 

Spec KB: The java certificate for CA Spectrum is set to expire on October 16, 2016 

Spec KB: Spectrum 10.0 Report Manager Error: Max processing time or Max records limit reached

Spec KB: Error message with CABI LDAP integration: Account information not recognized: Invalid username or password. 

Spec KB: Jaspersoft (CABI 6.1) - Failed to start component - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Received 



hub - robot inactive alarms not showing Origin (controller) overide 

ADA Performance for Capacity Planning and Management Views 

limit server resources (max cpu/max mem) that logmon probe can use 

Add the Ability to Remove Unwanted Columns from PRD 

sql_response sequential execution 



Create "configuration key" that will allow you to turn off clear alarms at probe startup 

Listviews Status 

Make UIM components compatible with each other, case ToT + ae 


Sysstat Probe samples 

ntservices probe starting disabled service in windows server 

UIM - History of Maintenance Schedule 

Monitoring Hyper-V in clustered environments 

USM grouping per virtual host where guest is running 

Ability to delete alarms from database 

SQL Server AlwaysOn Replica Recovery Health Monitoring should take is_local into account 

USM alarm filter menus need to be scrollabe 

vmware probe ideas 

Ability to set date ranges in the USM details page 

UIM: Implement iostat configuration interface in MCS 

UIM: Logmon probe, implement variable definitions in MCS 

UIM: Provide export/import options for MCS configurations 

UIM: Expand MCS manageable probe list 

Add IBM V5000 Storage support to ibm_svc 

VMware probe improving 

Add a Yes / No Dialog for Acknowledging Multiple Nimsoft Alarms 

Spectrum UIM Integration - Asset Information 

Channel status in websphere_mq probe 

IBMi/as400/iSeries: New Probes and Functions 

Current tagging does not extend beyond robots need API enhanced to tag non-robot configuration items 

EMC VNXe range of SAN Storage boxes 

UIM - Add attribute to group devices in maintenance 

Feature Request - UIM process probe to alarm when certain sample or "lag" is reached 

Admin Console show same Robot columns as IM 

DHCP clear alarm on restart 

Enhancement request to the netapp probe 


CA Spectrum

Maintenance mode alarm grouping 

Modeling Gateway Import should not merge containers 

Suppressing alerts for VoIP devices with interface resets 

Secure UI for Spectrum Control Panel 

NCM - Global Sync Task Schedule 

NCM - Multiple SSH ports 

Spectrum Discovery Status 

[Spectrum] Adjustable period of time for Performance graph 

Access points organized per subnet in Spectrum 


CA Performance Management

Threshold Profile groups in CAPM 

CA Performance Center TopN 

Would like notification of device reboots 

Business Hours Filter 

CAPC should provide a way to save a graph or a dahsboard as a picture 

SNMP Trapforwarding with TCP 

Option to make searches breadcrumb-aware 

Configure Huawei NQA synthetic tests using VRF’s capabilities 



Support for sftp with UCM  

SIP Ports Limit (More then 5)  

Alert when scheduled maintenance in CA takes longer than 1 day 

Greater flexibility in UCM scheduled reports 


Last Edition --> What you may have missed (August 2016) 

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10-10-2016 04:43 AM

Thank you, Melissa ...

... and sorry for noticing the missing ideas!

10-07-2016 10:22 AM

Frank_Elliger Frank, you just made my day!!!    and i didn't think anyone would notice the ideas were not there, so just for you I will add them in now !   So glad you wrote !!!    Have an awesome weekend!

10-07-2016 07:16 AM

Thank you, Melissa.

"What you may have missed " is really helpful.

But where are the new ideas?

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