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What you may have missed (October 2016) 

11-07-2016 10:47 AM

Hopefully, many of you will be attending CA World '16 and I hope to meet many of you there. You can find me at the Agile Ops Information Booth. Stop by and say hi to me !  A few last minute things:


  - Download the CA World Mobile App --> CA World '16 App is Now Live! 
  - Build your Agenda --> Program guide for Agile Ops:  http://www.ca.com/content/dam/ca/us/files/caworld/caworld16-program-guide-devops-agileops.pdf 

  - For PM customers --> Going to CA World 16? Get access to all the CA PM sessions here!  All other program guides are in the CA World '18 community

  - Attend the On-Boarding Session at CAW -->  On-boarding Session at CA World 

  - Meet the Community Leaders, Sam and JJ:  Let's Meet at CA World! Repping Support, Communities, Customer Care & Customer Success 

  - Calendar signing --> Sometimes we just have to laugh a little in Network Operations 



Lesson learned in the Wizard of Oz: Always Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain  



CA Spectrum 10.1.2 is now GA !  

CA eHealth® 6.3.3 Available for Download 


Device Certification Deployer (DCD 1.1) for SNMP Collector Generally Available 

Announcing General Availability for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.47 


Product Surveys Remain Open!   We want your Feedback !

-CA Network Flow Analysis Survey Link

-CA Application Delivery Analysis Survey Link

-CA Performance Management Survey Link

-CA Unified Infrastructure Management Survey Link

-CA Spectrum Survey Link



2016 Webcast Replays (Rollup) 

Top 5 Reasons to transition to CA Performance Management.pdf 

Integrating the CAPM OpenAPI with Tableau 

CA UIM Chat Support Available  

CA UIM HUB Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting Guide 

Search Engine Best Practices 



Improve IT Operation Efficiency and Productivity 

Docker, Docker, Everywhere... 

Building Monitoring Visualization & Dashboards That Are Actionable 

Performance Improvements in USM Alarm View in UIM 8.4.7 

Transforming a NOC to a BOC (Business Operations Center) 

BLOG: LEGOs and Modern Network Performance Monitoring 

BLOG: How to make traditional and SDN elements sing in harmony 



Tech Tip:  Ticket not close after UIM acknowledge : casdgtw (CA Service Desk gateway) integration with CA Service Desk 

Tech Tip - How do I enable HTTPS for the UIM Server Home Page in UIM 8.47? 

TECH TIP: discovery server issues - data not populating - Invalid object name 'NAS_CS_STATE_MONITOR' 

TECH TIP: After upgrading to UIM v8.47, ldap users are not able to login 

Tech Tip: Resolving the Java JRE Certificate Issue (for users running on Spectrum r9.4 only) 

TECH TIP: UIM alarm and event_type attribute 

Tech Tip:  How to display double byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) in messages on UIM 8.4 

Tech Tip: CAAlcatel5620Sam_v11R5 device pack re-certification  

Tech Tip: The profile information in the snmpcollector GUI is blank for all my working profiles. 

Tech Tip: UIM - List Report Gauge stays grey for values of '0'. 

Tech Tip: REST calls fail with "500: Internal Server Error" using webservices_rest 8.43. 

Tech Tip: Failed to upgrade to Spectrum 10.1.2 or 9.4.4 

Tech Tip - After deployment, Tomcat probe doesn't show up in IM, neither in Admin Console. 

Tech Tip: UIM Trap Poll 



CA Network Flow Analysis: Integration with CA Unified Infrastructure Management 




CA Spectrum

Access points organized per subnet in Spectrum 

Spectrum Locator search for top impacting alarms/events 

Spectrum x UIM Integration - Modelling Hub by Landscape 

Spectrum x UIM Integration - Maintenance Mode Synchronization 

Spectrum NCM Cisco IOS SSH port check switch 

Device Certification of Cisco Devices 

Create an alarm in Oneclick for upcoming Java security certificate expiration 

Make it possible to remove custom mapped attributes/traps 

Spectrum: reconfigure to update MAC addresses 


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Predefined Notes 

Add Alarm Command Configuration to USM 

AC should support custom probes 

USM Group Filters limitation of 255 characters 

websphere_mq: All metrics in Alias Queues 

Create a robot for CoreOS 

UIM Integration support for Redhat Directory Server (RHDS) 

UIM Support for Commvault Tape Library 

UIM Support for Hitachi G1000 SAN storage 

MCS Field validation tooltips 

Enhancement request - NTEVL probe to capture General Tab Info 

Additional webservices QOS data retrieval time from keywords 

The time zone setting should be required for SLA reports. 

db2 probe support for server_encrypt 

UIM 8.4.7 Setup - 64bit Install Folder 

Additional Options for Robot deployment through Discovery Wizard 

Update the db2 probe guide 

Monitoring Requirement Windows Server 2016 

SQLServer Probe - version 5.10 (Automatic configuration) 

Integrate CA UIM with Standalone Jaspersoft report 

cassandra_monitor support for version 3 and above 

Extended LDAP definition at hub configuration 

Improvement to URL_RESPONSE probe 

Add Serial Number to VMWare ESX 

[UIM] SNMPcollector UI for mapping presentation of metrics and templates 


CA Performance Management

Fail-over for CAPC Data Collector 

Stop using Abode Flash in CAPC 

Preserve SSO configurations After CAPC and NFA Upgrade 

Migrate monthly PDF Reports from eH to CAPM 

ADA Metrics for Dynamic Views in PM 


CA Network Flow Analysis

FlowCloner - Redirect Netflow on another UDP Port 


CA eHealth

ehealth Live exceptions date display on client 



Read the last edition --?> What you may have missed (September 2016) 

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