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How to Change an Email Address on your CA Communities Account 

08-27-2014 01:09 PM

The majority of information on your CA Communities profile can be edited or updated from within the CA Communities site, or on Changing your email, however, is a bit more in-depth.


Because your CA Communities log-in is connected to your email address, it is essential that you update your email on your current account in a timely manner, and refrain from creating additional accounts with your new email address. Creating additional accounts will result in a loss of all content/progress associated with your previous account, and will clog the system with inactive accounts. Additionally, waiting too long to update your email address can result in you being locked out of the CA Communities system.


There are different processes involved in the email update process for basic and enterprise users as well as CA employees.


If you are an external user, please determine whether you are a basic or enterprise user.


If you are a basic user, you will be able to update your email address by simply going to the "Help" drop down and selecting "My Account." This will take you to the account page where you can click "edit" to update your email address.



If the email address line is grayed out, that means you are an enterprise user and will need to contact the Global Service Center (GSC) at 1-800-225-5224 or online to update your email address. When contacting the GSC, please let them know you are an enterprise user and provide them with your old account information and new email address. If you are changing your email address due to a transfer in companies, you should also set up a new ID with your new email and contact information. If you are transferring your site IDs, additional time may be needed to validate your site ID registration. In the meantime, you will be temporarily downgraded to a basic user while your site ID registration is verified.


If you are a CA employee and you are trying to change your email address, please log a ticket with GIS to update your email. If you are changing your email address because you are leaving CA, please make note of that in your ticket.


Once you have been informed that your email address has been updated, you will now use that new address to log in to the CA Communities. Please ensure that your email address has been changed before logging in with your new address, as doing so will create a new account and lose all of your progress and preferences in the CA Communities thus far. If you have accidentally created a new account, please call GSC or GIS immediately to have the new account terminated and the old account updated.

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