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What you may have missed in the CA Service Management Community! August 2016 

09-12-2016 05:16 PM

Dear CA Service Management Community Member,

With so much going on in the Service Management Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.






Register for CA World '16 | November 14 – 18, 2016

The CA World team has done an amazing job building upon the success of last year's event, while enhancing the programming in response to your feedback. CA World is your opportunity to gain valuable, actionable knowledge and insights to help your company get an advantage in the application economy.

They're Here! The CA World Program Guide and Session Catalog for ITSM and ITAM. 

CA World ITSM Deep Dive Sessions 

Super Saver Registration Ends Friday -- Register Today to Save $700! 


CA Service Management “Meet the Experts” community webcast series 

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our CASM "Meet the Expert" series focused to help you get the most out of your solution. Each month the CASM team will deliver an education based webcast on various aspects of the product with the goal of offering greater visibility into key capabilities and best practices in order for you to get the most value out of your ITSM solution. Listed below are the first three community webcasts, and at the beginning of each quarter we will post a new set of webcasts for you to join. The webcasts will be recorded and available for viewing after the event for customers who might not be able to attend the live session.


All upcoming and recorded sessions will be available from this link. The WebEx for each session is available via this doc page as well.

CA Service Management "Meet the Experts" Community Webcast Series 

We look forward to seeing you on the webcasts!



CA Service Management Community Webcast: Process Automation in the Real World – September 27th 11am EST

Are you trying to take service delivery to the next level but are having trouble figuring out how?  Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency, while keeping costs down?  Process automation is the engine, designer and orchestrator that can help you deliver the right level of service to your customers when they need it.

Join us for this informative and educational webinar where we will take a look at how Process Automation can take Incident and Request Management to the next level while keeping costs down and increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

Presented by Ed Luna, Sr Principal Consultant, Presales

RSVP and Add to Your Calendar HERE: CA Service Management Community Webcast - Process Automation in the Real World – September 27th 11:00AM ET 


CA Service Management Community Webcast: ITAM – Getting Control of you IT Assets October 25th 11am EST

Are you tired of running off spreadsheets and not knowing what assets are being used, how many you have on hand, or how much they are costing the business?  Our ITAM solution can you help you transition from manual processes that expose the business to cost overages and risk, to an automated and complete solution that helps you better manage costs, allocations and audits more effectively.

Join us for an informative session where we’ll discuss ITAM best practices and show you some of the key solution capabilities around software asset management, license management, and financial management that can help you get a better handle on your assets and what they costing the business.

Presented by James Stasis, Sr Principal Consultant, Presales

RSVP and Add to Your Calendar HERE: CA Service Management Community Webcast - ITAM – Getting Control of Your IT Assets - October 25th 11:00AM ET 




CA Service Management Community Webcast: Think Customer First - Unified Self-Service and Service Catalog – August 30th 11am EST

Is your self-service or service catalog solution looking neglected and dying on the vine?  Are your customers asking for new ways to communicate and collaborate? Then it’s time to take a look at Unified Self-Service and Service Catalog and learn what it takes to not only get your customers re-engaged, but thriving!

In this session we’ll take a look at why a unified user experience is critical to keeping your customers engaged, but also how mobility, collaboration and knowledge search are key components to helping ensure your self-service and service catalog stays fresh, relevant and keeping your customers satisfied.

Presented by John Weston, Sr Principal Consultant, Presales

Replay: CA Service Management Community Webcast - Unified Self-Service and Service Catalog  

Presentation: Unified Self-Service Presentation 


Member Activity

CA ITSM - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (September 9 - September 16) 

It's great that we have such a vibrant community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community is to respond to every members' question so that no one goes away "empty handed". To help further responses to all questions I am starting the following campaign.

Shoutout to all the members who helped out with the unanswered questions so far! Thank you for all your help!

questions and answers.jpeg





CA Service Management

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8am - 6pm

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Additional Times May Apply

Tips and Helpful Information

CA ITAM 12.9 - CA IT Asset Manager  - FULL Install 

SPEL How to Execute Remote Reference via Perl code 

Participate in CIO magazine’s 16th annual “State of the CIO” survey! 

CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.2 for CA Service Management is now available 

Community Hack - Personal Insights 

Jaspersoft Youtube Links All At One Go For Your Reference 

CA ITSM - ITAM - How to create a new Model 

How to Test/Access CA SDM Web Service :: Login method 

CA SDM::. How to reset scoreboard? 

CA SDM Data partition::. call_req cr 

CA Service Desk - Criar uma nova árvore no menu - out-of-box - Brazilian Portuguese 

Unified Self-Service and Service Catalog Webcast - Replay and Presentation 

CA Tuesday Tips: Spectrum fails to open tickets in SDM after CF3 is installed 

Getting Started with CABI 6.2 (JasperServer) for CA Asset Portfolio Management 

CA SDM Loading model pdm_load 

Migration of SDM & SC (same mdb) 

Summary CA SDM  MS SQL Querys - TSQL 

CA ITAM/SDM - SQL Query Select Model, Manufacturer,  Family and Class 

CA SDM - SQL Query Select Family and Class 

CA ITSM - ITAM - How to create a new Contact 

CA ITSM - ITAM - How to create a new Legal Document 

CA ITSM - ITAM - How to create a new asset - Manage Assets  

CA ITSM - ITAM - How to create a new model 

CA ITAM Error  404.17 Not found 

AHD05543  Your changes to Registration parameters match an existing 

CA SDM - CA Service Desk - AHD Codes - Error 

SoapUI-x64-5.2.1.exe - SoapUI | Functional Testing for SOAP and REST APIs - Download SoapUI Open Source - mirror -   

jdk-8u101-windows-i586.exe - Mirror -   Java SE Development Kit 8u101 - Windows x86 - 188.32 MB  

Service Desk assessment 

Updated Courses for Service Management 14.1.03 and CABI 6.2 

Jasper Studio - Create Data Adapter for SDM 

Object function group auditing tool 

CA SDM 12.9 - CA Service Desk Manager  - Install - Brazilian Portuguese 

Notice about the Asset Portfolio Management 14.1, cumulative 3 patch instructions 

CA Bussiness Intelligence: Subquery 

CA SDM::. position - ca_job_title 

Chat Transcript - CA Service Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (August 2016) 

CA SAM Customers - CA SAM 4.1.2 is now GA 

ITAM - Configuration database error 

CA ITAM 12.9 - CA IT Asset Manager  - Install 

CA ITAM 14.1 - CA IT Asset Manager  - Install 

CA Service Desk Manager Load Category using pdm_load - pcat - Prob_Category - Prob_Ctg 

Visualizer over SSL 


Top 10 Latest Ideas by Activity

Avoiding NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER being overwritten after pdm_configure0NEW

CA Service Management - Ideas Backlog/Status Updates26NEW

TTL for Not Submitted Status on Requests4NEW

GUI for web.cfg15NEW

Need different Contact types for groups.  Need one for Workflow groups.5NEW


CA BSI - docx no data message4NEW

Allow Service Catalog to configure CGI Path to either regular Web Engine or Web Director directly8NEW

Option to disable 'cartesian product' check12NEW

Single search for all ticket types including requests, incidents, problems, changes, and issues32NEW


That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get in on the CA Service Management discussions and make your voice heard!





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