Service Virtualization

What You May Have Missed in the DevTest Community (January 2018) 

02-01-2018 12:02 PM

Product Announcements

DevTest Portal Improvements in 10.2 


Upcoming Community Events

CA Service Virtualization Roadmap Session - February 2018 - Feb 13th at 11am ET **open to enterprise customers ONLY

DevTest Community Webcast - DevTest 10.2 Integration with CA Agile Central - Feb 22nd at 11am ET


Community Event Replays

Webcast Recap - What's New in DevTest 10.2 & How to Upgrade 

Webcast Recap: SV Community Edition 


New Tech Tips/How-Tos

Improved Workstation Installation - DevTest 10.2 

Tech Tips: MySQL Cookbook for DevTest 9.1.0 and Later 

Tech Tips: ERROR dradis.Application - Exception: No such property: messageSource for class: dradis.Application 

Tech Tips: Running DevTest Portal on Different Machine than DevTest Registry 

Tech Tips: Linux MySQL is not working with Linux DevTest 10.2 


Noteworthy Content

A Simple Return on Investment Calculation for CA Service Virtualization 

Top 10 Reasons You Don't Need Service Virtualization 

What’s the secret to boosting DevOps productivity across your enterprise? Join us! 

Automated testing for CA Education Content 

CA Learning Subscription 

Which DevTest/Service Virtualization version are you using? 


New Technical Videos

Identifying Prerequisites for DevTest Solutions 10.2  

Configuring Licensing and ACL for DevTest Solutions 10.2  

Installing and Configuring a Remote Component for DevTest Solutions 10.2  

Configuring the Registry Database for DevTest Solutions 10.2 

Click here for more DevTest 10.2 technical videos


New Ideas

Enable/Disable DevTest ITR stealing focus 

Store User Display Preferences for Portal 

MQFTE Transport Protocol 


Recently Answered Questions

Use standard port 80 (for http) and port 443 (for https) for virtual service? 

CA CAI/APM compatibility 

Magic Dates Format Clarification 

Retrieve the Data from the SPLUNK 

Content tab disabled in Delete operation in DevTest 8.2 testcase 


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