CA SYSVIEW Performance Management

CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Introduction to JVM Monitoring 

06-25-2018 02:29 PM

This video is an introduction to a new feature in CA SYSVIEW 15.0 that you can use to monitor Java, Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), and Language Environments on z/OS.

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07-12-2018 02:43 PM

There appears to be a small problem if SYSVIEW 15.0 feature PTF8 is applied and no IPL is performed. It was not our intention to require an IPL for this PTF, but for the JVMLIST command to have the AM and Version fields filled in, it will require an IPL after applying the PTF. This problem also affects the JVMVERS command. We should be able to resolve this so an IPL is not required in an upcoming feature PTF.


Note this is the only ill affect. No other major loss of function will occur if no IPL is performed.


Jason Brosius


07-09-2018 11:27 AM



1. There are several parameters on the LIBVIEW command to accomplish this, but it is much more simple to go to the LIBS command in SYSVIEW, find the SCFGLIB SYSTEM entry, then issue the Select (LISTDIR) line command next to it. Then, on the following screen, issue a LV (LIBVIEW) line command next to your desired member.


A similar process can be followed to find the SVW$MAIN parmlib member. Instead of looking for a SCFGLIB entry on LIBS, find a PARMLIB entry.


2. The AM and Version fields are filled in after the fact by the JVMDATA subtask once the JVM has been identified. It should only take a few seconds for this to occur once the JVM is discovered. We do something similar to the 'java -version' command to retrieve this information. 


I will require some documentation from you to determine what the problem may be. I would be easier to exchange the documentation through a support ticket. Could you please open a ticket for SYSVIEW and ask that Jason (myself) review it in the opening comments? I will post our findings here once we determine the what is causing this issue for you.


If you could FTP us a capture of the JVMLIST command, that would be a great start. Go to JVMLIST command, then issue CAPO, CAPI, CAPC. Terse the resulting data set before BINary FTP transfer to the issue.





07-05-2018 03:53 PM

How is the dataset name given to the LIBVIEW command in sysview? 

Also in the JVMLIST screen the AM or mode filed and Version field are not populated. I have the latest Feature pack installed and neither one of those fields are populated. How do I get them to populate? 

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