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Using Email to Interact with the CA Communities 

08-12-2014 04:38 PM

In addition to all the great ways users are able to learn, connect, and share on the CA Communities site and mobile apps, there is an additional option to participate in the communities using your personal email application. The email option available in the CA Communities can be used to reply to pieces of content from email notifications or to create new content in any community or group within the CA Communities site.


To start, please ensure that you are following any content you'd like to participate in using email, and that email notifications for that item are turned on. Please read the Preferences documentation for more information on how to turn email notifications on or off. If your email notifications are turned on and you are not receiving email updates, please check your spam folder.


Respond to Content via Email

To reply to a thread via email, you must first receive an email notification from that thread. Once you have received an email notification, you can add a comment to that thread by simply replying to that email, typing in your comment, and clicking send. It's that easy! Once you have sent your email, please allow the system a few minutes to register your comment, and display it on the site.


If you receive an error notification while trying to reply to an email notification, or would like to interact with the CA Communities from a different email address than the one you're registered with, you will need to update your profile in order to enable email interaction. For more info on updating your email, check out this doc: How to Change an Email Address on your CA Communities Account.


Each community or group in the CA Communities has individual email addresses that can be used to create content in that community via email. For example, you can send an email to the address corresponding to documents in The Water Cooler, and a new document will be created there.  The subject line of your email will be the document's title, while the email's body will be its content body.

Create Content via Email

To create community content using email:


  •     Navigate to the community in which you'd like to create content from email.
  •     Click Actions > Create content via email.


  •     A box will pop up prompting you to select which types of content you'd like to create via email. Check off your desired content types, and click "Email vCards"


  •    You should then receive an email from "Community Admin" containing the selected vCards as attachments. (If you have not received an email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder)
  •     In your email application, save the vCard as one of your Contacts. For example, in Microsoft Outlook you can drag the vCard to your Contacts folder. On a Mac, you can double-click the vCard to add it to your address book.
  •     In your email application, create a new message and select the address you just added from the vCard.
  •     In the email's subject, type the title you want your content to have in Jive.
  •     In the body of the email, type the main part of the content. If you want to include tags, in the last line of your email type Tags: tag1here tag2here tag3here. This will tag your content so that people can find it more easily later.
  •     Send the email to create the content in Jive.


And that's it! Congratulations on creating your first email-generated piece of content in the CA Communities! Your new content should pop up in the community within a few minutes. You will not receive an email notification for the creation content of that content, but you will receive notifications for any interaction with that content to your CA Communities inbox.

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