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What you may have missed in the CA Project and Portfolio Management Community! December 2016 

01-10-2017 02:55 PM

Dear Community Member,

With so much going on in the CA Project and Portfolio Management Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.


Your CA PPM Feedback for 2016 is crucial! 

No one is more important to us than you -- our customers. That is why we need your annual feedback on the CA PPM solution.

We recently launched the 2016 Customer Feedback Survey for the CA PPM product. This one-to-three minute survey enables us to gauge your satisfaction with the product and our support of it. Thanks to those of you who have already filled out the survey this year, but we need to hear from more of you! You may also remember filling out this survey last year. Our CEO, Mike Gregoire, has made NPS scores a key metric by which we measure our progress toward improving your experience with us. Thus, we re-conduct the survey every year in order to see what progress we have made.

The CA PPM product team -- including Product Management, Product Marketing, and Support -- reads each and every survey submission to help make our solutions and support better. We may even reach out to you to get deeper understanding of your comments.  

Please take a few minutes to help us measure where we are by clicking on the Survey icon below. The survey is open through January 13, 2017. Make sure to click the "Finish" button at the bottom of the last page of the survey to submit your responses. Thanks!

2016 CA PPM Customer Feedback Survey














PPM Insights: Surviving-to-Thriving, Let's Upgrade 2017 Together 

It has been an eventful year for PPM Practitioners: for me, it started by transitioning from a CA PPM and Agile customer to a CA Services Architect. Having initially chosen and implemented CA PPM (then Clarity) at my former employer in 2008, I was proud that before leaving the company, I led the efforts to upgrade to the latest release, as well as enable some cutting edge and insightful project dashboards. As many of you have experienced, it is so rewarding to watch the maturity of processes and systems within an organization – truly seeing the outcomes delivered!


Now that I’m at CA, I can focus on CA PPM even more. In this post, I’ll look back on what I consider 2016 highlights and preview some of my future content. I usually don’t schedule topics too far ahead, as I prefer to focus on what I see in the field at any given moment, but after talking with so many clients at CA World, I’m brimming with hot topics.


Read the rest of ErichKissel's blog here: PPM Insights: Surviving-to-Thriving, Let's Upgrade 2017 Together 


CA PPM - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (January 6 - January 13) 

It's great that we have such a vibrant community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community is to respond to every members' question so that no one goes away "empty handed".




CA PPM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (January 2017) 

Have a question about CA Project and Portfolio Management? Connect with CA Technologies technical experts to get answers via Office Hours for CA PPM. Our team is here to help you get more out of your technology.

RSVP and Add to Your Calendar HERE: CA PPM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (January 2017) 


Welcome to CA - Onboarding webcast for new users 

If you are new to CA or need a refresher, join this session to learn what Self Service Support resources are available to you. This is a quick 30 minute webcast with a reserved 15 minutes for chat questions. We will cover topics such as: How do I get product update notifications? Where is my product documentation? How do I open a support ticket? Where do I go to ask questions? Register now to find the answer to these questions and more.

Click here to Register for the Webcast


Introducing the CA PPM 'Third Thursday' community webcast series 

We are pleased to announce a new PPM community webcast series designed to help you get the most out of your PPM investment. On the 'Third Thursday' of each month, at 11:00 am EST, the PPM team will deliver an education based webcast on various aspects of the product with the goal of offering greater visibility and know how into the product. Listed below are the first three community webcasts, and at the beginning of each quarter we will post a new set of webcasts for you to join. The webcasts will be recorded and available for viewing post event for customers who might not be able to attend the live session. 


CA PPM Community Webcast - Understanding IT Demand: The Impact & Balance on Resource Management – January 19th 11am ET 

How you manage the never ending demand from the organization can be difficult—it’s important to be able to negotiate with the business. Key strategic questions need to be asked. For example, can you effectively analyze your current demand intake and truly understand what the organization absorb? How do you allocate resources to drive the right business priorities? Do you have the ability to manage your current portfolio due to resource constraints? Can you look at the new opportunities and balance them against the current portfolio?

Join us on January 19th to learn how to manage the never ending flow of request and effectively allocate your resources to align with the priorities of the business.

Host: Jim Tisch (CA PPM Product Marketing)

Presenter: Brian Toplicar, CA Consultant, Presales

RSVP and Add to Your Calendar HERE: CA PPM Community Webcast - Understanding IT Demand: The Impact & Balance on Resource Management – January 19th 11am ET  


All upcoming and recorded sessions will be available from this link. The WebEx for each session is available via this doc page as well.

Clarity PPM Demo Series 



CA PPM Webcast - Investment and Financial Planning: A Financial Focus on Portfolios, Programs and Projects – Dec 15th 11am ET

It’s important to be able to prioritize your investments and track how you are performing against them. Can you effectively make tradeoff decisions between strategy and return on investment? Can you balance incoming demand with existing commitments? Are you effectively capturing software capitalization?

Join us on December 15th to learn more about how to balance incoming demand with existing commitments and capture the information you need to make smart investment decisions.

Host: Jim Tisch (CA PPM Product Marketing)

Presenter: Walter Angus, CA Sr Principal Consultant, Presales

Replay: Replay - CA PPM Webcast - Investment and Financial Planning: A Financial Focus on Portfolios, Programs and Projects 

Presentation: Projects Programs Portfolios Presentation 


CA PPM NY/NJ Quarterly Web Share -Tableau Integration with CA PPM 14.2 

Tableau Integration with CA PPM 14.2
We’ve all been faced with the challenge of developing executive dashboards for the non-CA PPM user. We will review how Tableau was identified and implemented as a reporting visualization solution leveraging the CA PPM Jasper Data Warehouse and Domains for Reporting Dashboards.

Host: Tammi Reel Davis (Introducing Tammi Reel and her CA PPM Webcast Series)

Presenter: Lawrence Rizzo

Lawrence Rizzo is a seasoned IT professional with over 25 years IT experience. He’s been working within the MSO space the past 14 years (Time Warner Cable and Cablevision) and his focus the last 4 years has been the integration of CA PPM within the Cablevision PMO.

He is a people leader that understands the relationship between people, process, and technology that is required form strong and efficient teams that deliver results time and again.

Replay: CA PPM NY/NJ Quarterly Web Share -Tableau Integration with CA PPM 14.2  

Presentation: Tableau Integration with CA PPM 14.2  








Keeping You in the Know



available worldwide

8am - 6pm

US Eastern Time

Additional Times May Apply



CA PPM Partitions and Performance 

What is  ${gel_objectInstanceId} for? 

Multi-Currency: Let's technically enable it! - Part (1) 

Multi-Currency: More than One Entity - Part (2) 

CA PPM: Logs Housekeeping 

How To Check The DMS Filestore 

CA PPM Application Housekeeping 

CA PPM Process Tables (BPM Tables) 

Hello DataWarehouse! 

Inactive Users with Group Associations Report 

Keeping You in the Know 

How is % Complete Calculated in CA PPM (Clarity)? | Learn with Rego 

CLRT-78778 - Work around - Orphan portfolio sync schedules if portfolio deleted 

XOG populating repeating elements 

List of Jaspersoft Commands in accordance with CA PPM Version 

What's Wrong with this Query? | Learn with Rego 

Freebie Friday - Application Portfolio Management Sample Data and Rights Group 

CA Training in 2017 

Chat Transcript - CA PPM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (December 2016)


Warning for task constraints2NEW

Ability to auto-number task IDs in project plans45NEW

Improve the CA PPM offline message shown to users - offline fallback message - Web service down 404 message2NEW

Job Definitions - Add Created By, Date, Updated By, Date6NEW

Allow studio content packages to include partition views other than just the system partition.10NEW

Resource Last Updated By Updates when Financials are Updated4NEW

Do not send notifications to inactive users26UNDER REVIEW

Break apart Risks, Issues and Change Request Rights29UNDER REVIEW

Ability to Configure Auto Rights64UNDER REVIEW

Create a "forgot password" module.69UNDER REVIEW


That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get in on the questions and discussions in Clarity PPM  and make your voice heard!




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