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Tech Tip - Knowledge Docs (October 2016) 

11-02-2016 02:47 PM

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TEC1816233MySQL Cluster Configuration in software version Portal can not set up.CA API Developer Portal
TEC1853463Turkish tomezone staying with DST on October 30thCA API Management Gateway
TEC1877961Configuring MS SQL JDBC Driver to use SSL connectionCA API Management Gateway
TEC0000001033How to increase the maximum file open limit when receiving a "Too many open files" error in API Gateway.CA API Management Gateway
TEC1429976How to enable monitoring in Enterprise Service Manager (ESM)CA API Management Gateway
TEC1596286Error using "Find User" when sending a Private MessageCA API Developer Portal
TEC1943547How to hide apache error page when portal service is not running.CA API Developer Portal
TEC1320782Clearing Duplicate api’sCA API Developer Portal
TEC1007133How does ESM calculate CPU usage of a GatewayCA API Management Gateway
TEC1186421How to configure Policy Manager to work with whichever version of TLS you chooseCA API Management Gateway
TEC1550274Gateway status stuck at “won’t_start “CA API Management Gateway
TEC1041737User password expired when gateway is configured to RADIUS authentication.CA API Management Gateway
TEC1718944Accessing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Binary AttributesCA API Management Gateway
TEC1246515Unable to launch policy manager with Access Denied error. CA API Management Gateway
TEC1725825Use API Gateway as OAuth Authorization Server. CA API Management Gateway
TEC1593211Exceeded inactivity periodCA API Management Gateway
TEC1959673MySQL Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Failover Configuration for the OAuth Toolkit (OTK) DatabaseCA API Management Gateway
TEC1016792Issues with the SAML 2.0 token decryptionCA API Management Gateway
TEC1793131catalina.out logging levels for API Developer PortalCA API Developer Portal
TEC1170711Difference with the manual about backup file at Portal upgradingCA API Developer Portal
TEC1868495How to set a default response when a service cannot be foundCA API Management Gateway
TEC1885237Telnet command not found.CA API Management Gateway
TEC1053989Operation check failure of OTK v3.5CA API Management Gateway
TEC1292901About Latest Monthly Platform Updates and Latest API Developer Portal Cumulative Releases (CRs)CA API Management Gateway
TEC1488976About influence on APIGW by the insertion of the leap secondCA API Management Gateway
TEC1737309multi-byte characters are garbled in response.CA API Management Gateway
TEC1819679Character code conversionCA API Management Gateway
TEC1345959Policy Manager Fails When Disabling TLS 1.0 On Listen PortCA API Management Gateway
TEC1803495[CA APM] report function of API units of each applicationCA API Developer Portal
TEC1012447Automated Gateway PatchingCA API Management Gateway
TEC1637941How to sign custom assertionsCA API Management Gateway
TEC1652353Solution Kit Install Error: This mapping requires the property 'SK_AllowMappingOverride' be set to true by the .skar file authorCA API Management Gateway
TEC1814289[CA APIM] MySQL Cluster (Portal DB) After setting, the Portal login failuresCA API Developer Portal
TEC1273108Shown published documentation without login.CA API Developer Portal
TEC1729738output “${……}” as characters. CA API Management Gateway

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