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CA PC App: Device DA Admin 

06-19-2017 07:39 AM

A sample app has been published on GitHub - CA-PM/Device-DA-Admin: Sample CA PC app to display DA device information and trigger some actions 

This sample app displays DA device information like type, polled item count, life cycle status and date, contact status, poll status along with the last poll date of availability in a table view:

  • for all devices (within the query limit) in the given group context and across the given timerange
  • single or multiple (using CTRL key) table rows can be selected by click, or by buttons "Select all" / "Select none"
  • the CSV button exports the table content to csv file
  • following actions can be triggered on the selected devices via button
    • change polling status (ON > OFF and OFF > ON)
    • rediscover
    • update all metric families
    • delete device (with pop up window to confirm)


The app can be deployed using the CA PM 3.1 App Deployment function.

Please review Device DA Admin App.pdf for more information.

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10-09-2018 08:56 AM

yes, the app lives in dashboard context, so the group and timerange selectors apply. 

10-09-2018 08:53 AM

The app has been updated on GitHub GitHub - CA-PM/Device-DA-Admin: Sample CA PC app to display DA device information and trigger some actions 

  • added column: SNMP profile
  • added parameters: hideColumn, LAPollTSFilter

Please refer to the PDF document in the package for more information.

09-19-2018 03:18 PM

How do I limit the Dashboard Scope? also, can I somehow adjust the GUI to use a specific Group?

09-14-2018 02:13 AM

Thanks Marko for constructive feedback, I will look into this after vacations.

Yes, there is a query limit due to DA REST limitations, so my suggestion would be to limit the dashboard scope and use smaller groups.

09-13-2018 02:20 PM

Lutz! This is outstanding and something I have been waiting for for years  Thank you so much for putting this together. So, for small networks, this may not be so widely used, but for a Verizon network of over 30K devices its impossible to manage CAPM without some kind of tool like the App you created. However, the idea is great, but without a few enhancements I still really cannot use it since I simply have too many devices and the App ends up failing. So to truly make this useful, I suggest the following:


Allow us to dictate the columns and the arguments in the App settings. A rough example would be:




Basically allow us to control which column we see and what the arguments should be (or just default). The reason this would help, is 1) I have 30K devices and I cannot get them all to load, so if I can filter out the columns I dont need, I hope it will be faster and I can get the whole list. 2) Maybe I dont want to see "Up" devices, maybe I just want to see "Down" or "Not Managed" devices so that I can fix the problem devices. 3) I can reduce the columns I dont need and load the page quicker and less clutter.


Here are some further notes:

  • Filter out the DataAggregator: from the list of devices (it always shows up first and is not needed)
  • Add SNMP profile ( This is super-important! I really need this option!
  • be able to search (or filter) the Contact Status (ie. "Down") as well as the SNMP Profile name, once you add it
  • I dont think that Protocols column is necessary
  • For "LC State Change" I always get "1969-Dec-31" for all 10K+ devices, dont know why...


Lutz, thank you again for this. For the big companies this is a necessity to keep CAPM working properly. If you can make the enhancements above, then I will actually be able to use this great App you created.


Thanks again!


Marko Popovich


06-26-2017 04:54 AM

Great Stuff Lutz !!!

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