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05-18-2016 03:20 PM

The following ideas have either aged significantly, are lacking in votes, and/or there is no definite date as to when product management will be able to deliver this idea therefore the idea has been marked as  'not planned'.   Thank you for posting your idea and please do continue to post new ideas that will help us enhance APM.


The following ideas have been marked as "Not Planned".   For any questions or concerns please contact MelissaPotvin or NishantKabra


  2. Workstation - multi items select support
  3. Workstation - more Transaction Trace events metrics
  4. Weak Session Management
  5. Visibility issue in Alert Name In Downtime schedular
  6. Upgrade database in default installation
  7. UI elements as portlets
  8. Transaction total duration
  9. TrafficLight object for use with TypeViewers and plugins
  10. To disable existing recorded transaction using Transaction Discovery
  11. TIM - add news command lines function
  12. Support more databases than postgre and oracle
  13. Start the Stats aggregation service without restarting the EM
  14. SERVICE DASHBOARD - User profiles
  15. Provide full support for DMZ deployments
  16. Migrating a Cluster in Hot Failover
  17. Management Modules depoyment
  18. Frames in dashboards to include other dashboards
  19. Foresee a logon GUI customization
  20. Direct link from the Calculated Data to Source Data
  21. Create a 64 bit installer for Introscope plugin (libIntroscopePlugin.so)
  22. CEM - Expand XML processing capability
  23. CAPC/Introscope Integration Needed
  24. Calculator Option to Apply Computation for Historical Metrics
  25. APM Transaction Generator and Embedded Entitlements Manager
  26. allow Cross Enterprise APM agent to trigger tracing
  27. Allow a way to provide custom help
  28. Alert & its threshold dump not available using CLW and Only 100 Alerts are visible in in Workstation Pop up console No other way to find Previous Alerts
  29. Ability to save custom views in Workstation
  30. CEM's X-Wily-info headers security risk
  31. SOI 3.1 SP1 with T373642 Connector_APM-
  32. Support for IBM Integration Bus v9 (WebSphere Message Broker)
  33. copy metric group, calculator feature in clw
  34. APM 9.1 transaction Trace Rights
  35. CEM Webview Column sorting
  36. CEM support statistics group by geography location and telcom carrier
  37. CA APM Case Encapsulation for Troubleshooting
  38. Allow more flexibility for "Custom Hour" option in CA CEM > Service Level Management > Transaction Trend 
  39. summary alert indication in management module alert editor
  40. SOA Record - Cloud Monitor Enhancement Request

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