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Top 10 APM/AXA/ASM Configuration KDs for August 2018 

08-17-2018 03:06 PM


   One of the areas of great interest and confusion for APM/AXA/ASM is configuring various components. Below are the Top 20 Knowledge Docs for August 2018 for this area. 


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1. KB000032440:How do I prevent "No X509TrustManager implementation available" Errors from occurring during the Installation of an OPMS?

This article will provide a workaround to disable certificate validation during the installation of the OPMS.

2. KB000038007: Why are we getting "Unable to load the Wrapper's native library 'wrapper.dll'" when starting? 

Getting the wrapper error "Unable to load the Wrapper's native library 'wrapper.dll'" in the WSPPService.log due to the JVM bit version used for the Powerpack for Webservers

3. KB000033600: APM logs and how to enable Debug.Knowing the location of the logs and Debugging the logs.
4. KB000056711: JMX in Jboss 7.x JMX in Jboss 7.x / jboss eap 6.x
5. KB000035452: Agent 10.1 fails to connect to the Enterprise ManagerAgent fails to connect to the Enterprise Manager, in the Agent DEBUG log,
the following message is reported: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.net.ManagedSocketOutputStreamAPSIHighPerformanceNew: method <init>(Ljava/net/PlainSocketImpl;)V not found
6. KB000044582: In a MOM failover configuration, especially supported Windows platforms, how must the filesystem links to shared directories be established?In a MOM failover configuration on Windows platforms, required links to shared directories must be made to UNC target paths. Links to shared paths involving a drive letter will result in the EM failing to start.
7. KB000048617: How to purge or reduce size of APM database in Postgres?How to purge or reduce size of APM database in Postgres?
8. KB000048152: Missing data in CEM Analysis Graphs and Reports for Timeframe "Today", "Custom Hour", "Previous Hour", but other timeframes based on Day, Week, Month do show data. ERROR: Select failed for ts_st_ts_us_intWhen hourly data is missing in CEM Analysis Graphs and reports, but daily, weekly, or monthly data is available, it may indicate that there is a problem with the hourly aggregation task. The task may fail to run when there is corruption in specific APM database tables. This article provides knowledge on how to manually repair corrupt hourly interval tables
9. KB000020090: .NET Agent installation problems - Checklist.NET Agent installation problems Checklist
10. KB000056721: MTP TIM worker process load balancing via the balancer.cnf file configuration.MTP TIM worker process load balancing via the balancer.cnf file configuration.

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