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Free CAPMAN Tools and Scripts 

11-12-2014 11:46 AM

Tools and scripts are continuously being developed for the various Infrastructure Management products. CA has begun an effort to share field developed tools as free downloads here in the CAPMAN Community.  All tools downloaded or accessed are provided AS IS and no warranties are provided or made. It is important to note that these tools are provided 'as-is' for use at your own risk without official support from CA.   For more information you should click here


All CA free utilities will be tagged with “Scripts”, “Tools”, “Free Download” and “Freebies” so they will be easy for you to find. We will also 'feature' the freebies on the right sidebar widget of the main community overview page.


We welcome all community members to post your own tools to share with the rest of the CAPMAN community and please use those same tags mentioned above.  All CA free tools will be marked with an "official" stamp so that you can tell which was provided by a CA employee. However, this does not mean it will have support as noted above.


Also, we value your feedback so please post any comments or suggestions to the original thread where the tool is posted and the author will provide a response as quickly as possible.



View all CAPMAN free utilities

Use this link to view even more free utilities that are posted in the Global Infrastructure Management Community.

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