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IM Tech Tip Rollup (2016) 

03-07-2016 08:36 PM

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Tech Tip: How can I upgrade to NFA 9.3.6? 

TECH TIP : Which tables in UIM DB store Spectrum Alarms sent via spectrumgtw ? 

TECH TIP : CDM probe Memory Metrics for Solaris is negative 

TECH TIP : How to include Buffered/Cached space for Linux Memory Usage in RSP  

TECH TIP : UR fresh installation fails 

TECH TIP : How to get updated Robot native installer 



Tech Tip: CAAlcatel5620Sam_v11R5 device pack re-certification  

Tech Tip: Customize CA PC auto-refresh interval 

Tech Tip: Logmon running healthcheck scripts 

Tech Tip: Login to UMP fails with a user that has been new created in Infrastructure Manager 

Tech Tip: Importing CA UIM devices into CA Service Desk Manager (CMDB) 

TECH TIP : How to proactively monitor heap space usage of JAVA based probes 

Tech Tip: Resolving the Java JRE Certificate Issue (for users running on Spectrum r9.4 only) 

Tech Tip: Failed to upgrade to Spectrum 10.1.2 or 9.4.4 

Tech Tip - Slow menu response when right clicking on a model or container in OneClick running on macOS Sierra 

Tech Tip: UIM Trap Poll 

Tech Tip: Cannot ping the device from OneClick console but can ping from command prompt on SpectroServer 



TECH TIP: Why is Admin Console not showing my full archive? 

Tech Tip: UIM - casdgtw probe installed on a remote hub is not synchronizing / not creating tickets in CASD 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to monitor UMP / UMP (wasp) Availability 

Tech Tip: UIM - data_engine database connections and thread_count_insert setting 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to use the secedit utility to recover a corrupted security.cfg file or add missing sections to the security.cfg file 

Tech Tip: UIM - e2e performance and scalability 

Tech Tip: UIM - UMP (USM) Slow Performance Guide and Troubleshooting Checklist (updated) 

Tech Tip: UIM - What is the required user access and user permissions for the hyperv probe? 

Tech Tip: UIM - USM error: com.firehunter.ump.exceptions.DataFactoryException : null 

Tech Tip: UIM - oracle probe - possible memory leak - probe consumes 100 MB/hr without release 

Tech Tip: UIM - cdm probe alarms due to high cpu usage caused by mcafee scan 

Tech Tip: How to uninstall UMP in Linux? 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to use the UIM API 

Tech Tip : NAS will not write UIM alarm into database after upgrade. 

Tech Tip: How are changes propagated to Fault Tolerant SpectroSERVERs when Event changes are made on the Primary? 

Tech Tip: How to disable LDAP integration with Spectrum OneClick 

Tech Tip: Why my data_engine won't start after a cluster failover 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to configure the cisco_ucm probe for Call Data Report (CDR) monitoring 

Tech Tip: Checksum verification of UIM Installer Package 



Tech Tip: New UMP users get the message "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet" on every portlet 

Tech Tip: UIM Robot installation fails on HP-UX 

Tech Tip: UIM - How to monitor an Oracle PDB database. 

Tech Tip: UIM - A probe license fails to show the Expiration Date 

Tech Tip: Compiling & Installing Perl Modules on Linux 

Tech Tip: UIM - Is it possible to update the OpenSSL used by the hub and robot?  

Tech Tip: Cannot open the webpage for the Performance Mangement OpenAPI QueryBuilder in Internet Explorer

Tech Tip: How are Jaspersoft (CABI 6.1) users synched over from Spectrum to Jaspersoft and how can I login as one of these users? 

Tech Tip: When using JasperSoft (CABI 6.1) to run a “Top-N” style report, the results are duplicated. 

Tech Tip: Two emails are created when user creates new Reports and adds Report Schedule in an Active Passive environment 

TECH TIP: hs_err_pid files created in WASP directory, slowly filling drive 

Tech tip: Upgrading cdm probe to version 5.70 or later may cause a server reboot. 

Tech tip: nas probe in red status and not starting

New KB Article! Baseline Engine and Prediction Engine probes won't start when using "SSL ONLY" mode in a HUB 

Spec KB: What support is there for installing and running Spectrum on non Redhat Linux systems such as SUSE or CentOS?

CA on CA Tech Tip - cdm >= 5.70 and random reboots 

CA on CA Tech Tip - Enabling CA App eXperience Analytics for CA Unified Infrastructure Management Portal 


JULY 2016

Tech Tip: Downloading eHealth

Tech Tip - Migrator error during Linux Harvester installation

Spec KB: How can I use Java Webservices REST API to see connectivity information for devices?

Spec KB: Is Jaspersoft 6.2 supported in Spectrum 10.1?

Spec KB: Where can I find? Install media / Hotfixes / Product documentation / Compatibility matrix / Quick links?

Spec KB: How can I enable or disable suppressed alarms?


JUNE 2016

Product downloads from support.nimsoft.com now available from support.ca.com

Tech Tip: Baseline activation via Perl script

Tech Tip: Regex in snmptd probe not working as expected - tec1629067

Tech Tip: How to Configure cdm to Ignore Certain Filesystems or Devices? TEC000003079 (Updated)

XenDesktop Custom Dashboards

Tech Tip: UIM 8.4 MCS tab missing on fresh install/MCS tab missing after upgrade (updated Techdocs)

Tech Tip - UIM vmware probe fails to collect data for some monitors and generates an error with 'Failed to configure monitor'

Tech Tip - UIM - Why do the UIM database tables become so fragmented?

Tech Tip - UIM - hub install error 'Did not succeed setting security'.

Tech Tip - In CA UIM Is it ok to update Java JRE on a system running a hub or robot?

Tech Tip - I’m unable to test a query with the sqlserver probe.

Tech Tip - Querying an OID with Snmpcollector v3.20 Probe Utility no longer work as in the previous versions.

Tech Tip - CA UIM sqlserver probe is not sending alarms for the check_dbalive checkpoint.

Tech Tip: New UMP users get the message "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet" on every portlet

Tech Tip: Increasing Success when Configuring TLS/SSL on CA Performance Center (CAPC)

Tech Tip: Best Practices to prevent discovery large number of components in CA Performance Management

Spec KB: Error messages when running Archive Manager repair

Spec KB: In NCM when trying to save component configuration the following error is seen: SPC-OCC-10165 : Unable to connect to the ncmservice. The ncmservice daemon may be running on the SPECTRUM host machine.


MAY 2016

CA on CA Tech Tip - Enabling the CA APM Java Agent for CA UIM UMP (wasp) monitoring

Tech Tip: Determining which OID's are queried in Performance Management

Spec KB: Interfaces with VRRP configured are picking up the virtual ip address instead of the physical ip address

Spec KB: Is it possible to integrate CA Spectrum with HP Operations Orchestration (HP OO)?

Tech Tip: How to verify TLS/SSL certificates/keys match


APRIL 2016

Tech Tip Knowledge Docs - March

Spec KB: Some Spectrum users are getting: "It is advised you contact Spectrum Administrator to increase client memory limits. Console memory has hit critical threshold of 95%"

Spec KB: NCM Captures fail the majority of the time with “SPC-OCC-11656: Unable to authenticate with SPECTRUM Remote Admin”

An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List

Supplemental: "How To Configure the CA eHealth® - Single Sign-On Integration"

ech Tip: Using Google to Search on Spectrum

Tech Tip: Updated Tomcat Registry key needed for eHealth and later when configuring Disaster Recovery (DR) using ARCServe RHA on Windows

Installing CABI 6.1 JasperReports Server


MARCH 2016

CA on CA Tech Tip - DNS Monitoring

CA on CA Tech Tip - Monitoring IBM XIV

Tech Tip Knowledge Documents - February (With Links!)

IM Tech Tip Rollup       (November 2015)

IM Tech Tip Rollup       (December 2015)

TECH TIP: Managing SNMPv3 devices with eHealth

Tech Tip: Alarm on ESX model in maintenance

Tech Tip: The wrong device type is chosen for the Catalyst 2960X-48FPS-L Switch

Spec KB: Adding selectable authentication option to CA Business Intelligence 4.1 BI Launch Pad

Spec KB: Receiving HTTP 404 error when accessing Spectrum OneClick debug page

Spec KB: CA Spectrum 10.0 exception in the tomcat log when enabling Report Manager integration with CABI

Spec KB: Unknown alert for Nimsoft/UIM models received in CA Spectrum

Spec KB: Running CA Business Intelligence 4.1 PostInstall script fails due to missing packages relating to 'bc: command not found’

Spec KB: HTTP 400 errors accessing various pages in CA Business Intelligence 4.1 BI Launch Pad

Spec KB: On a device is it possible to export the list of self monitor resources under system resources sub view

Spec KB: What types of SNMP v3 encryption does Spectrum support

Spec KB: Is it possible to use versions of CABI 3.x with Spectrum 10

Spec KB: Should I use Modeling Gateway (MG) to change versions or upgrade to a Major Release of Spectrum?

Spec KB: Error processing event in Spectrum South Bound Gateway

Spec KB: How can we modify the settings in NCM to reduce the number of configurations being captured at the same time?

CAVI Model Database Export - HOWTO

Spec KB: How can I check what the landscape handle is for my SpectroSERVER using the landscape hex value

Spec KB: What is the correct procedure for exporting Policy Manager policies between Spectrum environments?

Spec KB: SpectroSERVER on Windows shutting down with "Out of disk space" message even though there is plenty of disk space

Spec KB: The Viewer could not Process an event. Failed to open the Connection - Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119]

Spec KB: SRM has not finished starting after upgrade

Spec KB: Enable the CA Spectrum SOI Connector to run 64-bit

Spec KB: Spectrum 10.1 Install / Upgrade Hang

Spec KB: Service Manager Customers are missing in Report Manager

Spec KB: We already have an existing Developer ID provided to us by Spectrum support but we need to know how this can be imported to a new Spectroserver. How is this done?



Tech Tip: When importing the signed certificate into the jetty keystore on CAPC make sure to use the correct alias

Tech Tip - UCM 4.1 Enable Automatic DNS Resolve

Tech Tip: Web Reporting Server (WRS) error "Error: The performance Data Grid to connect to is currently unavailable".

Spec KB: Spectrum Report Manager fails with "The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size" in the tomcat log

Spec KB: Wireless Access Points are not created or modeled in 10.1

TECH TIP: eHealth ping packetsize



How to make Spectrum OneClick work on OSX

Tech Tip: Knowledge Docs Published December

Tech Tip: Simple GUI for custom probes

Tech Tip: What are the supported platforms for Spectrum 10.1?

Tech Tip: Are the JRE Unlimited Strength Files Required In Spectrum 10.1?

Tech Tip: New Proxy Model Appearance in 10.1

Tech Tip: What are the Required RedHat Linux Packages for Spectrum 10.0/10.1?

Tech Tip: VAIM Console Template Policy tree load latency

Tech Tip: In Spectrum If a discovery has been started is there any way to stop it if required?

Tech Tip: What does Partial Trap Support in MIB Tools mean?

Tech Tip: CA Spectrum 10.1, Chassis Manager Enhancements

Tech Tip: New in 10.1, ModSecurity Support for CA Spectrum

Tech Tip: CA Spectrum 10.1 Adds OneClick Server Self-Monitoring

Tech Tip: CA Spectrum 10.1 Adds Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and Access Point Support

Tech Tip: New in 10.1 CA Spectrum Web Client

List of potential SQL errors seen in the 2D Map after improper SQL 2008 upgrade to SQL 2012 and how to overcome/resolve

Tech Tip: Using NCM with devices not supported Out Of Box



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