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08-12-2014 06:01 PM



Currently Working

Problem: when pasting content into in a comment in Chrome, cursor jumps back up to top of page

Workaround: use HTML editor when pasting, then change back to regular editor and click "publish"


Problem: Quick Tagging not available for redesigned content

This is a known bug and is slated to be fixed in the next release (coming in July)


Problem: Breadcrumb for blogs broken after enabling content evolution

This is a known bug and is slated to be fixed in the next release (coming in July)


Problem: Words split across lines in inbox

This is a known bug and is slated to be fixed in the next release (coming in July)


Problem: Breadcrumbs for questions leads back to list of discussions

This is a known bug and we are waiting on an ETA from Jive


Problem: Read content is remaining bold in content list and not reflecting that it has been read


Problem: Dynamic title not reflecting edits: Dynamic Title Changes


Problem: Items approved in moderation show user who approved the content as author


Problem: Logout not reflected in related SSO properties


Problem: Letterbox view for content cutting tables off


Username links not working in community digest emails.

Fixed in the 2016.1 upgrade


Documents displaying error message when logged in, but can be accessed when not logged in

Issue was fixed with a permissions re-sync by Jive Support


Error when using "Add to Calendar" feature

This is a known bug that affects certain timezones. This bug is set to be addressed in the next system update. Affected timezones are listed below:


(GMT -10:00) HST - Hawaii Standard Time

(GMT -7:00) MST - Mountain Standard Time

(GMT -7:00) MST7MDT - Mountain Daylight Time

(GMT -8:00) PST8PDT - Pacific Daylight Time

(GMT -6:00) CST6CST Central Daylight Time

(GMT -5:00) EST - Eastern Standard Time

(GMT -5:00) EST5EDT - Eastern Daylight Time

(GMT 1:00) CET - Central European Summer Time

(GMT 1:00) MET - Middle Europe Summer Time

(GMT 2:00) EET - Eastern European Summer Time


Digests not being delivered to users in certain timezones

This bug was addressed in the recent system update.


Inbox notifications not clearing

This issue was first brought up in Re: Inbox counts not clearing.

This bug was resolved with the migration to the cloud platform.


Problem: Me in Three not displaying when hovering over a username.

This bug was resolved with the upgrade to the cloud platform.


Problem: Inconsistency between Mobile app badge counter and inbox

This bug was fixed in the iOS is 3.2.1 update


Problem: Jive App signing users out often

This was fixed with the recent app update


Problem: Not all community members receiving announcements

This should now be fixed...still confirming with the logs.  Please send any instances of this occuring to SamCreek


Problem: Session timeout value is too short

This has now been extended to 10 hours.


Problem: Mobile app access for Android devices

UPDATE: workaround for Android devices established. Please see Jive Android App Now Working! for more information.


Problem: Exporting Calendar Event shows in PST

This has been addressed in the 8/13 update.


Problem: SSO not working when signing in from or Support Online and navigating to communities

For now this issue will remain.  Fixing it with passive authentication introduced numerous other issues.  Siteminder still provides our SSO but this property is not behind a Siteminder agent.


Problem: RSS feeds broken, some access restricted by SAML

This has been addressed by disabling passive authentication


Problem: CA employee ability to reply by email

This is an internal issue for CA Employees only. This has been addressed in the 8/13 update.


Problem: Link redirects

Some links came over broken. Global Community links and the Community directory links have been redirected.


Problem: Images missing

It seems some (not all) images did not come over in documents as part of the migration. Community Managers will be working with document authors on anything that requires updating. If you are the author of content, we ask that you please review your content carefully.


Problem: Google indexing

CA Communities have now been indexed.


Problem: Some PDFs not migrated over

These have been manually added.


Problem: Locale updates for phrase substitution

Replaced ‘Places’ with’ Communities’ for all English related locales.  Let us know if you are still seeing this, what page and what Locale you are using.


Problem: Up-votes registering as Down-votes

JIVE-71384 - waiting on bug fix


Problem: Bold Text in Title Remaining


Problem: Special Characters Displaying Incorrectly in Tiles 

CLOUD-3872 - waiting on bug fix.

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