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How to Receive Community Announcements 

01-07-2015 12:42 PM

Recently, the CA Communities team received feedback that members may not be receiving community announcements.  As a result, we have created this short how-to doc to on what you need to do to ensure you receive announcements from the communities that you are following.



First, if you’d like to receive announcements from a particular community, please ensure that you are following that community. Click the “Following in…” button to check which streams you are following the community in. It doesn’t matter where you follow it (connection stream, following, inbox, etc.) as long as the following button on the community homepage looks like the image below, but clicking the following button will give you an idea of what stream or streams the community is being followed in. For more information on following options, check out this how-to doc:


Space  The Water Cooler   CA Communities copy.png


Once you have ensured that you are following all of the communities you’d like to receive announcements for, you can now check your preferences to make sure you have the correct settings turned on.



In order to receive announcements, make sure "Receive Notifications" is marked Yes, and select Email under the "Inbox Notifications" section.


Your Preferences   CA Communities.png


Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save."


Your Preferences   CA Communities.png


Once you have followed a community and adjusted your preferences to reflect the settings above, you will start receiving announcements from the communities that you are following. If you have gone through the steps detailed above and are still not receiving announcements, please double check that the email address attached to your CA Communities account is up-to-date and that the emails are not going into your spam folder. If you are still having problems, please reach out to Sam Creek or Melanie Giuliani.

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