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APM -> SOI Integration Issue 

11-18-2014 10:31 PM

The following is taken from an actual customer case.

Recently, there was a situation in which integration between APM and SOI was having an issue related to alarms generated were not being cleared when the underlying condition resolved. When a support case was opened for this topic, the issue was researched and many logs were collected.


Finally, after several phone calls, it was determined that there was an undocumented rule about how alarm thresholds were supposed to be set in APM that was causing this issue. The following is the alarm definition panel.


It's plain to see that there are two different levels of alarm that can be defined. Since there are also separate "Action" options available, our assumption was that these two levels were independent of one another and could be used separately. For example, if only a "Danger" alarm was needed, then the configuration information for the "Caution" was irrelevant.


It turns out in reality that if only a "Danger" alarm is used that the "Caution" fields need to be set exactly the same as the "Danger" alarm parameters to ensure that it works correctly; otherwise the alarm will not clear in SOI as expected.

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11-19-2014 01:49 PM

Hi Anupama,

This behavior occurs in all versions of APM. I thought this was a known thing, but apparently not, so one of our managers requested that this information be posted for other customers.

11-19-2014 10:02 AM

Thanks Hiko. I thought this looks familiar as I was reading, and tuned out I had worked the same issue in the past (ref# 21935644 / 327831). Just for the record, my client had apm 9500 / soi 2.0 integration in place at the time. Regards, James.

11-19-2014 05:19 AM

Hi Hiko,


Thanks for the information. Is this the behavior in all the versions, or only some specific versions?




11-19-2014 01:42 AM

Hi Hiko,


Thanks for letting us know.



Mukesh Singh

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