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Tech Tip: NFA Data Retention - New recommended Free Disk Space Percentage. 

04-15-2015 05:21 PM

In NFA 9.3.0 and earlier we had a default Free Space Percentage of 5% in the data_retention database of the Harvester and DSA.

Going forward this will default to 10% to allow more of a buffer and for better overall performance.

This will not affect existing environments, but to update your existing environments follow the steps below on your Harvesters and/or DSA's.

1)To see what your current setting is, open a Command Prompt and run:

mysql -P3308 -D data_retention -t -e "select * from settings where name='freeSpacePercentage';



2)To update the percentage to 10% please run the following:

mysql -P3308 -D data_retention -t -e "update settings set value='10' where name='freeSpacePercentage';"

3)Confirm the change by using the 'Select' query again from step 1.


4)Recycle the "CA NFA Data Retention" service on the Harvester/DSA

5)We also recommend adjusting your 'Watchdog Settings' by going to 'Admin->Watchdog Settings' and setting the 'Disk Threshold' to 90, so that you will only be alerted if you go over the Data Retention threshold.


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