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Spectrum 10.3.1 - OneClick WebApp Errata 

01-22-2019 03:03 PM

Hi all,


after spending some time getting the new OneClick WebApp to run, I collected quite a number of error messages and I figures that maybe it helps some folks out there. I've configured multiple servers, all either RHEL 7 or CentOS 6. Feel free to add your own findings:




1) Error injecting constructor, java.lang.IllegalStateException: org.webswing.server.model.exception.WsInitException: Invalid system property webswing.warLocation: File /home/spectrum/../webapps/spectrum.war or /home/spectrum/../webapps/spectrum.war not found.




In "/spectrum/webtomcat/conf/catalina.properties", change the paths from relative to absolute:






18-Jan-2019 08:03:48.618 SEVERE [https-jsse-nio-8444-Acceptor-0] org.apache.tomcat.util.net.Acceptor.run Socket accept failed
 java.io.IOException: Too many open files




    • check the current file handle limit ("ulimit -n")
    • change /etc/security/limits.conf entsprechend accordingly
    * soft nofile 2048
    * hard nofile 2048
    • log out and back in




/spectrum/webtomcat/bin/catalina.sh: line 464: xvfb-run: command not found




Install Xvfb (https://docops.ca.com/ca-spectrum/10-3-1/en/managing-client-applications/oneclickwebapp#OneClickWebApp-StepstorunOneClickWebApponLinux)


2019-01-22 19:46:53,227 ERROR [http-nio-8444-exec-7] (SwingInstanceManagerImpl.java:143) Failed to create Application instance.




Don't use /spectrum/webtomcat/bin/startup.sh, but /spectrum/webtomcat/bin/startWebTomcat.sh.




java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in method name. HTTP method names must be tokens




replace "https://" with "http://" in the URL.







This is due to a custom keystore name / location and / or custom keystore password.

Log in to https://<server_name>:9443/spectrum with spectrum / spectrum
Click on "Manage"
Click "Show Config"
In the field "JVM Arguments", check and change the trustStore and trustStorePassword parameters
Click "Apply"

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03-20-2019 02:07 PM

Dear Community Members, 


Thank you for compiling this exhaustive listing, we will be looking into this 



03-18-2019 04:01 AM

Why don't you join the beta validation? This way you'd help with the solving of these problems before the GA release. I'm sure that everyone is testing their installation/upgrade prior to doing it. This would save some time on everybody's schedule. 

03-07-2019 07:27 AM

Thanks for your usefull hints.


We also did some testing with the new OneClick WebApp because we like to get rid of the local Java dependencies with the old JRE based GUI. 

Though we got further findings:


  • If export file functions are used (e.g. export alarm list) then the web server filesystem is accessed by the installation user!  So each user could overwrite files on the web server owned by the installation owner which is a very critical issue. The local files should be used instead!
  • For import file functions (e.g. import MIB files) it is the same issue. Only local files should be used, too. None of our users should have access to files on the web server.
  • It is not possible to acces the administrational functions of the new interface (http://host:port/spectrum/admin/  - got this from the web presentation).  The URL opens an username/password window ('Sign in to your account') but it does not accept any of our Spectrum users here.


And some further remarks:

  • It should be possible to configure the usage of OneClick WebApp and the visibility of it in the web admin page (with privileges) , so that we can decide which users are able to use this new feature.  Especially if we decided not to start the special webserver.
  • It would be much better if the 'clone/undock' feature (which is really good in the old OC GUI) will open a complete new browser window with the selcted content instead of sharing the place inside the already used window.  We like to keep the independance in placing the different OC windows anywhere - specially by using more than one monitor.


We know that the OneClick WebApp is only a beta but hopefully it will be a good alternative to the old OC GUI within the next updates.

Maybe others have additional remarks about this. Please let us know.

01-29-2019 05:28 AM

Thanks for consolidating issues so far,


I hope that others will also bring to light any issues they've discovered. 


Do you have any criticisms regarding the WebApp thus far that you'd like to share?

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