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Tech Tip: Why my data_engine won't start after a cluster failover 

09-16-2016 12:59 PM

Why is my data_engine probe unable to start/connect with the database after a failover event?


After a Microsoft Cluster failover event, the data_engine probe on the primary server states that there is another data_engine running in the environment.

The 'Data Management default values' section in the GUI is greyed out and not configurable. When you click 'Why are these disabled?', you'll see the following message:

There are multiple data_engine using the same NIS database. Current data_engine is working in a 'secondary' mode, which means it will not perform maintenance. You can not configure maintenance parameters from this instance. 

Current primary data_engine is at: (probe address)


See Data_engine won't start and states there is another data_engine probe running for resolution steps.

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