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The difference between the Asset Portfolio Management Application Server and Application Component Server 

11-20-2015 08:56 AM

The 'Application Server' and 'Application Component Server' name and port are requested during the Asset Portfolio Management Application (APM) installation and can be seen in the APM user interface on the Administration tab->System Configuration->Application Server screen.



When APM is installed on more than one application server, the first server becomes the component server. The remaining application Server will only have the Application Service folder (ITAMService) but no other components.

The Server Name and the Component Server name and associated ports will only be different when the Component Server is the application server on which all the Asset Portfolio Management Windows Services (Event Service, Data Importer Engine, Export Service etc.,) are available. The component server port is the port used by these services.


*Note: The CA APM Implementation guide states that when using SSL the server port and the component  server port should be set to the port of the https protocol (by default, 443).

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