Layer 7 Privileged Access Management

Tech Tip: After Applying the Privileged Identity Management Meltdown Patch, Increased Timeout Messages Could Cause Server Performance Issues 

02-16-2018 12:54 PM

It has been observed that after applying one of the standalone Meltdown patches (SO00005, SO00152, or SO00292), there may be an issue where after multiple occurrences of the "seowd: Communication timeout with seosd" message, a known bug causes seosd to not recover correctly. This could lead to a system hang or an instance where seoswd will attempt to restart seosd indefinitely. The issue is caused due to RedHat's Meltdown patch slowing overall server performance, which in turn could cause seosd to take longer to respond to seoswd.
To determine if a server is affected, run the seversion utility to check the seosd build. The bug was introduced in seosd build 2097 and fixed with build 2915. If the version in bold below is between those numbers, the server could be affected by the known issue.
# cd /opt/CA/AccessControl/bin
# ./seversion seosd
CA ControlMinder seversion v12.81.0.2919 - Display module's version
Copyright (c) 2013 CA. All rights reserved.
Running under:  Linux
File name: seosd
Version  :
Created  : Sep 14 2017 02:33:21
OS info  : i86PC
SHA1     : 4CACE5D6F1AEEB9E852AF8B1A8BF0B878AF79F3C
MD5      : 4A285109AE05EAE767D9A81E50218264
If you have a server running an affected seosd build, the official recommendation is to apply SO00277, which is the newest PIM build. However, we understand that performing the installation a new PIM build may not be a viable option at this time or may take a longer time to perform. If SO00277 is not a viable option at this time, open a support case and request patch T3E7240.
To download SO00277, please refer to the Solutions and Patches page on our support site.

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