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Service Pack 2 now available for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.4 

08-19-2016 12:44 AM



Today, the UIM development team is pleased to announce the availability of CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.4 Service Pack 2 with over 25 new fixes and enhancements. This second, cumulative service pack provides you with all bug fixes and performance improvements from Service Pack 1, plus the latest fixes and performance enhancements for UIM 8.4. This service pack is recommended for all UIM 8.4 installations, and can be installed onto systems running either the original 8.4 release or onto systems running 8.4 with service pack 1 applied. (If you are not yet running version 8.4, we’d strongly encourage you to upgrade now to take advantage of the many powerful new capabilities and quality improvements you’ll find in the latest version.)


The Service Pack can be found on the downloads page of the CA support site at:



Release Notes and documentation are available from:



The following are the list of updates in CA UIM 8.4 Service Pack 2:



  • At-a-Glance Reports Now Sort Correctly for Multiple Disk Usage Graphs (Support Case: 00343385)
  • Alarm Loading Is Improved (Support Case: 244842)
  • Analysis Reports Now Maintain Account Security
  • Cloning an SLA Now Replicates Any Existing Exclusion Period
  • Dashboard Line Widget Now Has a Separate Link Section (Support Case: 00412752)
  • Dashboard QoS Data Sources Now Correctly Show Intervalized Data (Support Case: 428610)
  • The Dashboard List Widget Now Respects the Display of Units (Support Case: 00352199)
  • The Dashboard Portlet No Longer Freezes When Opening Dashboards
  • Deselecting an Automatic Group Now Empties the Group in USM
  • Dynamic Group Members in USM Are Now Properly Displayed on Refresh
  • Group Filters in USM Now Operate Correctly on Oracle UIM Databases
  • Invalid XML Characters Are No Longer Accepted in Restricted Text Fields for SLAs
  • List Designer No Longer Displays Duplicate Hosts
  • Report Scheduler Honors Time Zone Settings from the Performance Report Designer
  • Time Period Values Now Persist for Dashboard List Widgets (Support Case: 00352246)
  • URL Links to the Performance Report Designer in Dashboards Are No Longer Encoded (Support Case: 415910)
  • Viewing Behavior for Alarm Widgets in Custom Dashboards Is Corrected (Support Case: 246532)

Probes and Packages

  • alarm_enrichment Performance Improvements
  • baseline_engine Probe Concurrent Modification Issues Corrected (Support Case: 375092)
  • baseline_engine Probe Stability Improvements (Support Case: 426652)
  • The Controller Information List Now Accurately Displays the Trellis Package and Version Numbers
  • The data_engine Probe No Longer Generates an ORA-00900 Error (Support Case: 428744)
  • The data_engine Probe Now Correctly Updates the Metric ID
  • Discovery Server Robot Changes Are Now Persisted to the UIM Database
  • Improved Security in the wasp Probe
  • Multiple Auto-Operators Are No Longer Ignored
  • New Unit Variable for Custom Alarm Messages
  • wasp and service_host 8.43 Include Tomcat 7.0.69
  • Webservices REST Calls Now Allow Special Characters in Source and Target Names


  • Plus all updates from SP1


These updates have been consolidated into two meta-packages, which allow you to deploy all of the required service pack components at once in a few easy steps. Please see the documentation for additional content details and installation instructions.


We're excited to provide you with these latest improvements and wanted to Thank You once again for being a UIM customer!


Best Regards,


Robert Vacante

Senior Principal Product Manager, UIM

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08-23-2016 12:33 PM



Copy from the hotfix's note:

"Installation of hotfix 1 is strongly recommended for CA UIM 8.4 installations downloaded before 6/3/16 using LDAP authentication in a multi-tenant environment."


So not needed.


08-23-2016 12:24 PM

The hot fix is for 8.4:


Important hotfixes:

  • CA Unified Management Portal wasp Hotfix 1 ( 41.7 MB, MD5 Signature: e08959ebc91921b9ecc30aa72f5c1a52 )
    Installation of hotfix 1 is strongly recommended for CA UIM 8.4 installations downloaded before 6/3/16 using LDAP authentication in a multi-tenant environment. This hotfix resolves a potential issue in which Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) monitoring data could be improperly exposed to other authenticated tenants.  


So does SP2 have this hot fix included in it?

08-23-2016 12:19 PM

Correct 8.4 > SP2 with no need to apply SP1.

I'm not aware of the wasp hotfix but wasp is revision specific so a hotfix for 8.2 will not be applicable to 8.4

08-23-2016 12:05 PM

If we are running 8.2 can we run the 8.4 upgrade, then go straight to SP2. Don't need to apply Sp1, then Sp2 correct.


Also there is a wasp Hot Fix still up on the download page under the 8.4 section. Do we need to apply that or does the sp2 include this fix?

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