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0x23 error - time out durring FOS upgrade

  • 1.  0x23 error - time out durring FOS upgrade

    Posted 23 days ago

    Greetings forum members,

    I'm not sure if this is the right way to ask - this new forum structure is quite new for me - but let me ask you help regarding a FOS upgrade issue.

    We have a 8960-F24 switch currently running on:

    Fabric OS: v8.2.1c

    We would like to upgrade it to v8.2.1e due to security vulnerability via SFTP, but I always got the error 0x23

    2020/09/25-14:06:28, [SULB-1001], 15735, CHASSIS, WARNING, dubgsasw04_IBM_8960_F24, Firmwaredownload command has started. (From v8.2.1c To v8.2.1e).
    2020/09/25-14:36:27, [SULB-1011], 15736, CHASSIS, INFO, dubgsasw04_IBM_8960_F24, Firmwaredownload command failed. Firmware download timed out..
    2020/09/25-14:36:28, [SULB-1003], 15737, CHASSIS, INFO, dubgsasw04_IBM_8960_F24, Firmwarecommit has started.


    I suspect having an issue with the network, especially because during the FOS upgrade, the error statistics of ethernet port are increasing:

    RX errors increasing during FOS upgarde

    but network team confirmed, that they don't see any issue on their switch.
    Case was opened against customer support, who confirmed that the switch seems to be fine based on latest support saves.

    My question would be that is it possible to increase the time period (30 mins) for a FOS upgrade. I guess due to low bandwidth while transferring the files, it times out, so I wonder if there is a way to give more time for this process?

    Same FTP server was used for same device type on same location without any issue, that is why I'd sort out the source FTP & FOS code as an issue.
    Switch was rebooted, but didn't helped.

    Any advise would be highly appreciated.

    Regards, Tamas.