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CA CAI/APM compatibility

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  • 1.  CA CAI/APM compatibility

    Posted 01-29-2018 04:13 AM

    Hi tribe,

    i would like to install the CAI agent where a CA APM agent is already up and running.

    Any compatibility issues? From my understanding, both should use the same -javaagent java property.


    Thanks in advance,


  • 2.  Re: CA CAI/APM compatibility
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    Posted 01-29-2018 12:53 PM

    Hi Domenico, 


    I have never tried using the CA APM agent in combination with the CAI agent, so I am not sure if there are any compatibility issues.

    When using the CAI agent with other agents, the CAI agent must be listed first. Since both agents use the -javaagent parameter, list them one at a time. Example:

    -javaagent:<CAI Agent Parameters> -javaagent:<CA APM Agent Parameters>


    If you have any issues, please open a support ticket.


    Best Regards, 


    CA Application Insight Support