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12/18 Webcast: Taking a Big Data Approach to Improve App Perf

  • 1.  12/18 Webcast: Taking a Big Data Approach to Improve App Perf

    Posted 12-06-2013 10:02 AM

    On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 11a E, CA Technologies is sponsoring an Aberdeen Group webcast that looks at Application Performance Management and the growing need for analytics to keep pace with complexity and user demands. You can register for the webcast here:


    Businesses today find it difficult to gain a deep and unified understanding of the large amounts of complex information created by tools designed to manage and optimize application performance. And, without a unified view to consolidate the information coming from all areas of application performance, IT departments have a very difficult time gaining a complete picture of performance and find it hard to make sense of the data. For this reason, leading organizations use application performance solutions for their internal and cloud infrastructures that enable them to manage application performance with more of a "big data" approach. In a dynamic and increasingly complex environment, only the fully armed IT manager will be able to keep pace with user demand, manage cost, and maintain or improve overall quality of service.

    In this Aberdeen Group webinar, participants will learn:

    • The difficulties that businesses are facing with the increasing amount and complexity of application performance data and tools. 30% of organizations say that the increasing volume and variety of data is a major pressure on their application performance initiatives and 36% list the complexity of applications as a core challenge
    • How improved real-time and automated analytics and performance management capabilities are enabling leading organizations when it comes to understanding and improving application performance and uptime
    • How end-to-end application performance data visibility leads to improved performance and end-user satisfaction
    • How leading organizations are delivering the highest levels of application performance and reliability
    • The steps needed to become a Best-in-Class organization when it comes to application performance