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Java Swing - Tab Strip

  • 1.  Java Swing - Tab Strip

    Posted 09-19-2010 08:29 PM
    I am building a Plex application with the Java generator.

    With the infragistics suite that is bundled with Plex being quite old I was wondering what others have done to help provide that richer Look 'n' Feel for the Java Swing applications. Also, should I go down the infragistics routs I can only see references to the technology on ComponentSource rather than the infragistics site which leads me to believe that these controls are stabalised.

    Any thoughts? Tips?

    Please yell.


  • 2.  RE: Java Swing - Tab Strip

    Posted 09-20-2010 02:05 AM
    I have written several tab replacements and started a tree replacement. They can be done. I believe that CA is offering a alpha/beta of their own swing components.

  • 3.  RE: Java Swing - Tab Strip

    Posted 09-20-2010 06:13 PM
    Hi Chris.

    Thanks for the feedback. Certainly interested in knowing who to contact at CA regarding these new Swing components.